Some of the Best: Makeup Tutorial Videos

Apply your makeup like a professional using makeup tutorial videos

Rae Morris is a professional makeup artist and bestselling author who has advanced her fashion and beauty journey by releasing her first interactive book featuring makeup tutorial videos.

Makeup Masterclass is Rae’s sixth book and comes in iPad and iphone versions, as well as in hardback.

And whilst transferring her makeup tips and beauty tricks into the hands of people throughout the world and showing them how to apply makeup, Rae’s book does so in an unprecedented way.

By fusing technology with beauty, penmanship and photography, this guide is a first of its kind and is visually captivating and informative.

Step-by-step makeup tutorial videos, color charts and over 40 different looks are featured alongside simple makeup techniques carried out by Rae on the faces of some of the world’s top models.

These include Victoria’s Secrets model Shanina Shaik and Nicole Trunfios.

I believe this book will empower women. It teaches you how to accurately identify your eye shape and how to alter and manipulate any eye makeup that you love to suit that shape‘- Rae Morris, Professional Makeup Artist

Here Rae tells Nativa World about her new book release, her makeup tutorial videos and she reveals her essential makeup and beauty tips for women on-the-go

Rae, how do you define ‘Beauty’?

To me, beauty means looking beyond what I see on the surface. A persons inner beauty shines through even the most amazing makeup. I think “kindness” is the best beauty asset that we can have and it’s not something everyone possesses.

How did you become a professional makeup artist?

I fell into makeup- well not literally! Although I have done that too! I was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia and started out as a hairdresser. I was running my own salon at 19 years old and it was through this that I found myself at the ‘Model of the World’ pageant in Istanbul in 1993.

I was attending to a model’s hair whilst on the other side of the room, Naomi Campbell (who was one of the judges), was having her makeup done. Suddenly, there was a flurry of angry voices and her makeup artist headed for the door. In the stunned silence that followed, Naomi glared around the room and as fate would have it her gaze fell on me. ‘Fix my lips!’, she said. I looked at her mouth, then at the lip gloss on the bench and with a wave of unwarranted confidence thought ‘How hard can it be?!’ I picked up the lip-gloss and got to work as the door burst open and the whole room erupted in a blaze of flashlights because the paparazzi had arrived. Next thing I knew, my picture was plastered all over the tabloids and my makeup career had officially begun.

What’s your signature look as a professional makeup artist?

I love creamy, dewy skin. But, I love that I don’t have a signature look. I was thinking of how to answer this question so looked back over the past decade and if I was to analyze my “signature” it would be ‘anything and everything goes’. I love color, subtlety and I love intense strong and even extreme makeup. So I’m a little “eccentric” maybe? One thing I love is to keep the model or client looking beautiful (even as I’m throwing paint all over her face!)

What’s been your defining moment as a professional makeup artist?

Becoming a best-selling author many times over. I’m dyslexic and so I never thought I would hear the word ‘Author’ being aligned with my name.

Which of your books has been the most successful?

My first ever book Ultimate Guide is still the most successful. It has also been translated into French and Russian and is used internationally as a text book at makeup schools. I think the reason for its success is because it’s written by an actual professional makeup artist, (me) and there’s no retouching in any of the step-by-step shots. This means you see the real deal on how and in which order I do makeup.

What’s special about your latest book, Makeup Masterclass?

I believe it’s the first book to bring the publishing and digital worlds together within the makeup industry. There’s also a scientific approach to beauty (“PHI” a tool plastic surgeons use to teach other plastic surgeons) so I believe this book will empower women. It teaches you how to accurately identify your eye shape and how to alter and manipulate any eye makeup that you love to suit that shape. For example, women love wearing eye-liner but it can be one of the most unflattering looks you can do to a rounded or heavy top lid. In the book I teach how to use liner to lift “ALL” eye shapes. The book is over 440 pages and its culturally diverse which is something I’m so passionate about. I have purposely chosen as many cultural backgrounds as possible. We have girls that are Sudanese, Korean, Brazilian and Russian. And of course a few token ‘Aussies’ just to name a few!

How did you come up with the idea?

It had been 5 years since my last book release and I’ve learned a lot since then. I also wanted to create a digital version containing the content from the print book AND more. It’s so affordable and easy to access. You can find over three hours of video footage and makeup tutorial videos. I believe when it gets a little technical, nothing beats a visual reference. I’m also giving part of the proceeds to Amnesty and the Cambodian Children’s Trust.

How did you select the models featured in the book?

I just wanted every face to be so different from the face I shot the day before. Also, I love the diversity New York model agencies have. After shooting the first few images in Australia, we packed up and relocated to New York. This is also where one of my favorite beauty photographers is based, Gavin O’Neil! I love the cover with Shania because it’s so feminine and her skin is to die for. I want to help young girls and show them that makeup can still be dramatic without being caked on. It’s all about being soft with contouring and highlighting and using color in a mature but “pretty feminine” way.

Which of the makeup tutorial videos did you enjoy creating most?

I love my contouring, also because it goes against what is all over YouTube. I’ve been contouring for over 20 years and wanted too show how with a light hand and a gentle use of product, you can achieve a more beautiful result. I also love the makeup tutorial video on how I use blush. Most women may not know but blush can age you. I show how to bronze the ‘Rae’ way!

Which beauty brushes and accessories are essentials?

  • A large foundation brush- I cannot live without my no. 26 Radiance Brush. It applies foundation faster and more evenly than any other brush on the market.
  • A kabuki brush-  have two- a small and a medium size. My no. 1 and no. 2 are perfect and are so versatile that they are mainly used to apply blush. They can also double up as a powdered ‘contour brush’ and a powder brush. The pointed shapes mean they don’t leave any harsh edges so your blending is done for you.
  • At least 4 eye brushes- one for eyeliner, and two or three for eye makeup, 1-2 point shading brushes are essential as they create the most perfect sockets and define any eye shadow close to the lash line. An oval shape brush is good to apply a wash of color and  I love my no.7 Deluxe Point Shader and no. 8 medium point shader.

Otherwise,  a magnifying mirror, hand cream, eye-drops (perfect for dry eyes on a flight), tweezers and a nail file.

Any favorite beauty apps?

I haven’t actually found one yet. If magazines for iPhone don’t count then ‘In Beauty’ is my absolute go to. It’s all about the looks created for the runway shows, and who and what inspired each look. I love the Pantone app where you can photograph anything (e.g. skin tone) and it will show you all colors that make up that shade and also all the intensifying and compliment colors. I used it recently when I photographed a Picasso painting and it gave me the total color pallet.

Favorite beauty products?

  • Ellis Fass Creamy Eyes: These blend like a dream and last all day
  • Concealers- they are my new find and are incredible!
  • Natasha Denona Eyeshadow I’ve honestly never seen pigment so intense. Every time I show another makeup artist and get them to touch the shadows I always get an ‘OMG, what is that!’
  • Mac paint pots and lip sticks

Which are your favorite skincare products?

I love to keep it simple and like La Roche Posay. I especially like their sunscreen (it’s the only one that doesn’t make my skin break out). BB creams are also great and a foundation and sunscreen in one.

Any skincare tips/makeup tips for businesswomen who travel?

  • Avene water spray
  • Nuxe lip balm- These are matte and perfect for re-hydrating matt lipstick. They also don’t seem to evaporate like normal balms
  • Aesop hand cream
  • Travel pump bottles from Muji- They are some of the only pumps that don’t leak on a flight and I de-canter all my creams into them
  • Bioderma Sensibio Water Cleanser– It does everything such as cleansing, fixing up makeup mistakes and it’s the perfect way to freshen up a skin. You don’t need to rinse it off with water. There’s not a superstar makeup artist that doesn’t swear by this product!

Photography courtesy of Rae Morris & Gavin O’Neil