Luxury Facials at a Day Spa in Singapore

Where some of Singapore’s busiest women workout in comfort and enjoy quality facials and beauty treatments…

Award-winning gym and day spa, Amore Fitness is a women-only brand with several locations across Singapore.

And whilst their fitness centers offer clients over 500  fitness classes in state-of-the-art gyms, personal trainers are also on hand to provide specialist fitness instruction to women.

This includes customized workout programs, guidance on nutrition and weight management. For relaxation and post-workout downtime, Amore clients can also make use of their five-star boutique spas.

These holistic day spas provide a rejuvenation and wellness experience alongside luxury facials with a focus on relaxation for busy professional women.

For alternative healing, massages, facials and wraps are available, as well as Swiss Showers, Jacuzzis, Oxygen Coves and aromatic steam bath facilities.

The Oxygen Cove facility is also available at Amore Boutique Spa at the Jarong Point Outlet.

Interior of Amore Boutique Spa in Singapore

The Amore Oxygen Cove is a lounge where clients can relax before and/or after their spa treatments.

Oxygen is used a great deal in the beauty and skincare industry generally and is said to be a stress reliever.

It’s also often used in facials to improve damaged skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Oxygen Therapy also helps to detoxify the body, boost energy, reduce stress and promotes healthy hair and nails.

This day spa has a wide selection of treatments for the face and body.

These include a 75 minute Algo Discovery Facial which is helpful for hydrating the skin and making it feel silky and supple. It involves exfoliation, steam, extraction, a serum application, mask and a massage.

The Purus O2 Intensive Facial is a 90 minute treatment which is said to speed up skin regeneration and balances oily skin whilst
boosting oxygenation levels.

A woman enjoying a treatment at Amore Fitness and Boutique Spa

And the Hydra Re-plumping Care facial is 75 minutes long. This works on dehydrated skin using seaweed mineral salts which cleanse and purify.

Beauty products used at Amore include Purus (which is full of anti-oxident properties which is said to help to speed up skin rejuvenation) and Algotherm which is a marine-based skincare line.

These products contain seaweed extracts and other marine ingredients and are said to help promote clear complexions and preserve the skins youth.

Treatments for the body include the signature and award-winning  Qi Massage. This lasts 60 minutes and stimulates acupuncture points whilst working on the immune system.

Amore also offer other spa treatments such as a Toxic Clear Therapy.

This is a massage and body brushing treatment to promote clear skin and a quick and effective Cinnamon Soak.

A 20 minute toning and firming soak also energizes and renews the body and mind for a busy afternoon or evening ahead.

1 day fitness passes for Amore gyms can be purchased for S$35 each.

Guests can also drop by any of their 16 outlets on the island for a free gym tour.

Women working out at Amore Fitness and Boutique Spa

Amore’s fitness clients range from beginners to regular exercisers who may be striving to improve their performance and look and feel their best living in Singapore.

They also offer up different levels of personal training. These range from competent to elite, where the trainer specializes in working with clients with special requirements.

Amore fitness classes are held at all the locations across the city and are all 55 minutes long -except for their yoga classes which are 60 minutes.

Classes include Power Pump which is a high intensity / slow conditioning session using bar bells, body bars, plates and dumbbells which helps fat-burning and toning.

The Power On Me class is a circuit training class which works out all the major muscle groups.

This class may suit businesswomen who wish to spend their lunch hour getting the maximum benefit from their training sessions at Amore.

There are also Pilates, Yoga and Yogasna classes for those who wish to spend quality time balancing, strengthening and harmonizing the body and mind.

Photography courtesy of Amore Fitness and Boutique Spa