Look Your Best With a New York Stylist

Find out what’s fashionable to wear to work in New York City

Stephanie Alexis is a New York stylist and fashion expert who is based in Manhattan.

Stephanie’s approach to styling has seen her bring joy to many professional women in the city who have commissioned her to overhaul their wardrobes and fill them with agenda-setting fashion items for work.

Stephanie is a regular runway observer and an enthusiastic street style expert who gains inspiration from immersing herself fully in the exciting New York City fashion world.

She’s also the founder of SA Style Studio which offers bespoke shopping, styling and wardrobe services.

Her company’s mission is to make fashion easy and fun. SA Style studio specializes in sourcing luxury items.

Stephanie Alexis is a personal stylist from New York

‘Really, I just help them get excited about getting dressed every day. Loving what you’re wearing and how you look can really help make a hard day seem breezy.’ Stephanie Alexis- Personal Stylist

Here she tells Nativa World how and why she ventured into the fashion industry and details what fashions are setting the New York City female business world alight

Stephanie how did SA Style Studio come to life?

I’ve always enjoyed helping people put together the perfect outfits. My family and friends would always come to me for fashion advice. I really felt passionate about it and realized it would be a perfect career choice for me.

So, SA Style Studio was brought to life! I offer personal styling and shopping services, as well as styling services for print or editorial. Whether someone wants to rock a gown for an upcoming event, or they want to reinvent their closet—I can help them with all of that.

What’s the process when a client comes to you?

First, I start with a consultation in order to get to know my client on a more personal level. I find out about their lifestyle, likes, dislikes and needs. Even if you’re helping someone reinvent themselves, it’s important to really get to know them, as well as learn their expectations and limits.

Then, I identify their goals. Every client has an end goal that’s important to them, which is definitely important to me. Styling may seem to be solely about appearances, but how you look on the outside can really affect how you feel on the inside.

What concerns do most of your female business clients have?

Of course everyone has various different concerns. Some want to dress more appropriately for their body types, some are looking to spice up their professional wardrobes and some simply want to get out of a style rut.

A lot of the time women are just stuck in ‘all-black-everything phases’ and they forget that it can be OK to experiment a little, even in a corporate environment. Really, I just help them get excited about getting dressed every day. Loving what you’re wearing and how you look can really help make a hard day seem breezy.

Any advice for a trip to New York City?

Depending on what time of year you visit always be prepared for the New York City weather. It can look so beautiful out sometimes, but be sure to check your phone for those random rain clouds. The rain can quickly ruin a good outfit.

Always be prepared to walk. Yes, we love our heels, but if you can, pack some flats or sandals for when you’re running around. Nothing is more painful than a day of heels hitting the pavement.

Accessories can transform any look. A simple jeans and t-shirt ensemble can be taken to the next level with a nice scarf and stylish bag.

If you don’t dress comfortably when roaming the city, then you’re just not being practical. Comfort is essential when exploring a city like New York.

Don’t over pack a tote. You really just need your essentials. It’s easy to pack and over prepare when touring New York City. But a heavy tote can really cause some damage to your shoulders and back. Keep things light when it comes to your bag.

How are businesswomen dressing in New York City?

I feel like businesswomen in New York City generally like to dress very elegantly. They want to put their best foot forward in the office. New York women also like to have a little more fun.

How does looking stylish benefit a woman’s career?

When you look good and feel good about what you’re wearing, that confidence shows through your body language, which is important. Confidence helps people pay more attention to you and take you seriously.

Essentially, it’s about how your style makes you feel. Feeling your best truly radiates a certain air about you.

How different is the ‘business look’ in New York City compared to other cities?

I think that in New York  City you can get away with a little more experimentation such as colored pumps. However, every place has their own fashion etiquette for business.

What are the best ways to shop for the right clothes?

First you should make a list of your needs and already know what to look for.  Also know the stores or designers that are within your budget, as well as your taste preference. It’s easy to get distracted and veer off, but it’s important to stick to your list of needs.

What’s your favorite fashion app?

A great app to use to keep your wardrobe organized is Stylebook. You can upload pictures of your entire wardrobe and know what items you have, as well as put outfits together within your wardrobe.

Another great app is Polyvore. You can get tons of inspiration from people who post looks they have created. You can create your own looks and you can also shop directly from the app.

Any great designers we need to look out for in the United States?

Of course there are just so many! But right now I’ve got my eye on Chris Benz who melts neutrals with pops of colors, and Vena Cava who started their line on their living room floor and made it into a beautiful, historically-inspired line.

Stephanie’s must-have fashion items for New York City:

  • White blouse
  • Straight-leg trousers
  • Nude pumps

Stephanie’s tips for packing for a business trip to New York City:

  • Always look at the upcoming weather forecast. Sometimes an unused umbrella takes the place of a cute pair of shoes that could have made it on your trip instead
  • Dress comfortably when traveling by plane. There’s always unexpected delays that are out of your control. It’s better to be comfortable than sorry
  • If you’re not much of a planner and aren’t sure of your exact activities, then pack a dress and shoes for going out, and pack basics with a few key accessories like a statement necklace
  • I always forget to pack cozy pajamas! It seems like such an afterthought when you’re excited over all of the other things you will do besides sleep. That’s why now I always pack them first so I don’t forget them
  • I’ve made a habit of using multi-tasking beauty products so I don’t over pack—like a cleanser/mask or co-wash shampoo/conditioner. Trust me, it makes traveling so much easier and lighter!

Photography courtesy of SA Style Studio