London Restaurant : Hunter 486, Marble Arch

A new restaurant menu at a London restaurant frequented by Madonna won’t disappoint

Whenever I find myself dining solo on a business trip, the experience is always pleasurable.

Although somewhat unexpected at first, I’ve come to relish the chance to relax alone at restaurants I’d otherwise never have had the opportunity to find or visit.

I’ve also begun to enjoy having time to myself whilst eating a healthy, light meal after a business meeting in a new city, or finding a bar or hotspot where I can order a refreshing glass of Champagne.

More recently, my pre jet-lag collapse ritual has involved following further solo culinary adventures where I can relax and prepare myself before I dash off on a trip.

Nevertheless, discovering an unexpected dining gem in a city that I visit regularly – or where I’m staying for the first time – always provides a nice addition to my business travel experience.

Finding a restaurant within a hotel where I’m guaranteed on-point accommodation as well as quality, homemade food, is also a rarity these days.

The Arch London hotel, Great Cumberland Place

The Arch London is a five-star hotel housed within an elegant Grade 2 listed building.

It has that unique quintessential British air to it and is ideally located a stone’s throw from the shops of Oxford Street in upmarket Marylebone, plus it’s near bustling Marble Arch.

I think this boutique hotel is something of an urban sanctuary in London and might appeal to female business travelers like myself who want to sample a touch of classic English heritage with modern comforts and amenities.

Stepping inside The Arch London and splashes of warm color and playful artwork greet you. And whilst the hotel’s interior decor focuses on eye-catching design -which travels through the entire hotel- it brings a sense of creativity to life within this historic, London building.

The restaurant choice for my most recent evening meal in London was Hunter 486 which resides within this gorgeous hotel.

I discovered this London restaurant takes its name from the area’s original dialing code and with transport links within easy reach, it offers a central and stylish dining option for any business traveler who wants to unwind over dinner or lunch whilst spending time in a luxury and peaceful hotel setting.

The Salon de Champagne and main restaurant area offers a wonderfully calm and chic environment to clientele who visit from all over the world.

In fact, I’m told Madonna -who has one of her homes just across the street – is a fan and visitor to this London restaurant.

On my first visit here, it was obvious why.

The Bar at Hunter 486

The Bar at Hunter 486 serves the hotel’s signature Grace Kelly Martini whilst luxury afternoon teas or pre-dinner drinks can be enjoyed in the Martini Library – a boutique room styled as a decadent, Georgian retreat.

Roast Chicken at Hunter 486

In the main restaurant there’s an open plan kitchen which houses a stone oven which produces delicious British-styled roasts including roast chicken throughout the week and on Sundays.

I noticed there’s the added option to enjoy an intimate or romantic dining experience here by way of velvet curtains which can be drawn for privacy around many of the tables.

Leather booths, blown glass chandeliers and statement artwork all add extra charm and a highly glamorous atmosphere.

Hunter 486

Hunter 486 is open all day and recently unveiled a new ‘Best of British’ inspired menu featuring delicious spring flavors and the best seasonal ingredients such as lamb, Jersey Royals and asparagus.

Gary Durrant is the Head Chef here and is known to take great care to cook and prepare high-end, seasonal and fresh food in a fuss-free way.

His focus on using seasonal produce and cooking modern, light food is reflected in this new gastronomic menu, which is packed with nutritious flavors.

Since eating well -and healthily – whilst traveling on business can often be difficult for many, Gary’s menu is a breath of fresh air and lists a variety of well thought out and easy-to-chose healthy dining food options.

I’m fully aware that there’s always the temptation towards caffeine and sugary food boosts to fight off tiredness or jet lag when I travel, and so the choices at Hunter 486 are just the ticket.

For my starter I enjoyed the Goat’s curd and honey stuffed courgette flower which sees streams of melted goats curd and honey ooze from stuffed courgette flowers.

Alternative and lighter starter options are a combination of fresh Cornish mackerel and pieces of apple, quail eggs and fresh jersey royals, or the delicious dressed Dorset crab with avocado and pink grapefruit.

Dorset crab with avocado and pink grapefruit

A tempting selection of main courses include lamb – which is served pink – and accompanied by crushed potatoes, baby vegetables and a tasty baby broth.

My (and I’m told a popular) choice for the evening was the roast Norfolk black chicken, sweet potato gnocchi and peas with tarragon sauce.

I savored the pillowy soft texture of the tender gnocchi which had a beautiful taste and was offset by peas, herbs and succulent chicken providing a wonderful combination of flavors.

For something even healthier, guests could opt for the fillet of stone bass, sesame green beans, carrots, lemongrass and ginger broth.

Orange, pomegranate, blossom water, mascarpone sorbet, toasted almonds

I could see that many diners might fall off the healthy wagon in a glorious way at Hunter 486 simply because the desserts are so tempting!

I relented and sampled the chocolate fondant which is a molten lava of triumphant deliciousness with an interesting explosion of rich chocolate from within.

The new Raspberry and pistachio trifle also won’t disappoint and for a quintessentially British finale, a wonderful selection of post dinner teas is a must.

Otherwise, guests can enjoy the standard Hunter 486 Set Menu which includes Norfolk asparagus, poached egg and Hollandaise sauce as a starter choice, plus a Bavetter steak with mushroom, tomato and hand cut chips as a main.

Drinks at this London restaurant include a newly launched wine list, which has 24 wines and Champagne available by the glass.

For those craving a non-alcoholic substitute, the Seedlip Mocktail is a must and is made from the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit.

The Bar at Hunter 486 in London

This could prove to be an interesting alternative for keeping a clear head for the next morning whilst having something more interesting in your glass that’s bereft of sugars, sweeteners or artificial flavorings.

In all, the beauty of Hunter 486 lies in the attention to detail. To me, the restaurant’s laid back elegance isn’t deceiving because the fresh, healthy and carefully prepared food, and the attentive service are an obvious priority.

For reservations, please call: 020 7724 4700 or book via the website

Address: 50 Great Cumberland Pl, London W1H 7FD

Photography courtesy of The Arch London.