A jet lag cure that involves embedding technology in jewelry is popular in the business world

The jet lag cure that several businesswomen and athletes are  advocating comes in the form of luxury sleep bracelets or wearable tech by the accessory design house, Philip Stein.

This company also produces elegant timepieces (or watches) which are said to help people feel balanced. Further bracelets by Philip Stein are to help combat stress and promote optimal sports performance.

Overall Philip Stein’s mission is to help improve and enhance the quality of people’s lives via their proprietary Natural Frequency Technology®. This comes the form of metal discs embedded in all of their luxury accessory products.

The technology included in their bracelets and watches was created because of a previous investigation and discovery surrounding the earth’s natural electromagnetic waves.

This study identified that natural frequency affects people’s wellbeing and in a positive way.

The conclusion was that everything on earth works at optimum levels when exposed to natural frequencies. For example, humans are said to function best when they’re exposed to these frequencies – rather than the man-made ones of today’s world.

The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet

The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet is a soft and lightweight luxury sleep accessory with a metal case. This case acts is an antenna and identifies and absorbs the supply of natural frequencies that circle the earth. It then channels them into the wearers body.

This antenna only picks up combinations of frequencies between 0.2 and 32.5 Hertz, which are said to be beneficial for wellbeing or sleep.

Overall, the Natural Frequency Technology® in the Sleep Bracelet increases the production of melatonin in the body – the hormone which syncs the sleep-wake cycle and can be a jet lag cure.

These luxury bracelets come in a ‘slim style’ and in a choice of black plated, rose gold or steel cases and with interchangeable straps in an array of shades.

The ‘classic style’ comes with tan, blue or brown interchangeable straps and rose gold or stainless steel cases.

The Classic Sleep Bracelet Rose Gold Case

Philip Stein is based in Miami and Zurich and was originally launched to produce men’s and women’s watches to help with wellbeing.

To date this enterprise offers an array of wearable tech including men’s and women’s watches in styles including modern and classic, as well as ‘Horizon Bracelets’ which are predominantly for sport and help with balance, performance and focus.

Company founders are Rina and Will Stein who learned that their customers were experiencing improved sleep patterns whenever they wore their Philip Stein watches at night.

Philip Stein Cofounder, Rina Stein

Rina explains, ‘Many of our customer told us that they slept better when wearing the watch during the night.

‘As a result we designed a simple, yet elegant and very comfortable bracelet embedded with our technology.

‘Since the frequencies of the brain are different during the sleep cycle we had to calibrate our technology accordingly.

‘Upon completion of the product we tested the bracelet in preliminary double blind studies and the results were very positive; the sleep bracelet was born.’

Businesswomen who travel often and need a jet lag cure may benefit from wearing this sleep bracelet in transit or whenever they reach their hotel.

They just need pop the bracelet on their wrist 15-20 minutes before  going to sleep and then remove it when they wake up.

‘Many people (including women) use travel time to catch up on some sleep – but as we all know, many experience difficulties sleeping on planes.’ explains Rina.

‘In fact, it’s a common issue for millions of travelers and many are in need of tools which not only help them sleep, but keep their sleep patterns consistent when in different time zones. ‘

The Slim Sleep Bracelet in Grey with Rose Gold Case

Photography courtesy of Philip Stein



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