Inspirational Books: The School of Greatness

Motivational speaker and entrepreneur Lewis Howes has released an inspirational book and shares his business travel tips

Lifestyle entrepreneur, author and ex professional football player Lewis Howes has released an inspirational book which helps people achieve greatness.

Recognized by The White House and President Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the country under 30 and Lewis has penned The School of Greatness: A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy after his prolific sporting career ended due to injury.

In order to bounce back, reclaim his happiness and gain lasting success, Lewis reached out to influential people that he admired in the sporting world.

He then began applying their advice from sports to life off the field.

Today Lewis is reaping the fruits of success after building his multi-million dollar business online.

He is also a sought-after business coach, motivational speaker and podcast host.

Lewis Howes who has written an inspirational book called The School of Greatness

Lewis’ inspiring book, The School of Greatness provides tips and insight that Lewis gathered during his time interviewing his mentors, role models and ‘greatness professors’.

The book also details how these influencers and high-fliers found success by applying key tools to their lives which helped them understand and combat adversity.

The School of Greatness gives a useful structure to readers to achieve lasting success and guides them towards realizing their dreams.

The School Of Greatness books by the author Lewis Howes

As a frequent traveler and successful businessman, Lewis is also an authority business travel.

Here, Lewis tells Nativa World what matters most to him when he  travels on business and shares his tips on how to stay connected, feel calm and energized

  • Meet up with a friend: Every time I hop on a plane (or get in the car for a significant drive), I do a quick Facebook post announcing where I’ll be next and seeing if anyone is free to hang. This makes a huge difference in keeping me grounded and grateful for the trip, even if I’m tired. Dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a while can be enough to recharge me and remind me why I’m doing what I’m doing.
  • Take my own snacks: Since I have a huge sweet tooth I have to watch, I’m careful to bring my own staples on the road with me so I keep my gut healthy. I love Organifi green juice powder and it keeps me drinking something healthy no matter what.
  • Schedule in adequate sleep time: As much as I like to think I’m invincible, I know I’m not. If I know I’m going to have an early appointment, I make sure to schedule in going to bed earlier the night before. If not, I’ll let myself sleep in so I get 8 hours of sleep as often as possible. This makes a huge difference in keeping my stamina up during a trip.
  • Stay at a friend’s place:  Every time I go to NYC, I always ask friends if anyone has a place I can stay at while I’m there versus getting a hotel. Not only does it save me cash, but it lets me connect with the friend and stay in a place that feels like a home.
  • Use social media:  I’m kind of a social media addict, so Instagram, Snapchat, and Periscope are part of my everyday. When I’m on the road, I don’t miss a beat with these, which allows me to stay connected to my followers (who are awesome and supportive). I also get to stop and appreciate the cool things I’m doing if I am documenting them on social media versus just rushing around from appointment to appointment.
  • Do something fun on every trip: I’ve been to a lot of cities multiple times, but I always try to schedule in something fun and new to do each time I visit. This way I get to really know a place and it gives me down time to recover or have fun with friends. It’s even better when I can turn the business meeting into a fun outing.
  • Practice gratitude daily: Gratitude is huge for me and I’ve made a habit out of telling the last person I talk to each night the 3 things I’m most grateful for. Keeping up this habit on the road keeps me in the right perspective and brings some normalcy to a crazy pace.
  • Workout: With all the time I spend sitting, I make sure to squeeze in workouts (a lot of times this is just a run through the city in the morning) to keep my body moving and have some mental clarity before the day starts. If I’m staying somewhere that has a gym or I can meet a friend for a fitness class, even better. This makes a big difference in my mindset and overall health.
  • Pack your favorite clothes: This may sound obvious, but with all the travel I do, I want to feel super comfortable at all times and not stress about what I’m going to wear. I can honestly say I wear the same few shirts on 90% of my trips because I know and love them.
  • Pack as much value in as possible: I’m a hustler at heart, so I work hard to get as many appointments as possible in one place while I’m there. If I can squeeze in even a half hour interview for my podcast or a late night ice cream meet up with an old friend, I’ll do it.

Lewis Howes at his book signing in New York City

Photography courtesy of Lewis Howes