Reduce stress on your business trip to New York with meditation at a luxury hotel

Female business travelers wanting to learn how to reduce stress on their trip to the Big Apple can benefit from meditation sessions at The Benjamin in Midtown Manhattan.

This year the hotel is helping guests de-stress, feel calm and get a better nights sleep in the city with its ‘On Demand Meditation’ program.

This bespoke program includes meditation sessions which can be requested at any time of day via guest room phones by hitting a special ‘Meditation’ button.

On Demand Meditation The Benjamin

Booking a meditation session at The Benjamin Hotel

Free, guided ten minute meditation sessions will teach guests how to reduce stress and can be enjoyed in private together with meditation cushions and candles to help to energize, re-balance and restore.

There’s also a choice between two types of sessions – ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ which helps generate focus and awareness, and ‘Mantra’ which helps balance the mood and sense of well-being.

This latest offering at The Benjamin has been incorporated into the hotel’s signature Rest & Renew program which provides guests with an array of useful tools and solutions to promote a decent night’s sleep in the city.

The Rest & Renew program includes a pillow menu, a 24/7 sleep team, in-room pampering and items such as sleep masks, noise machines and music.

This luxury hotel brand is known to strive to ensure its guests always sleep as soundly and peacefully as possible.

And, in line with its’ principal mission of helping them ‘be and feel at their best’, personalized amenities and programs introduced at the hotel are to promote self-care, nourishment, balance and inspiration.

In Room On Demand Meditation

Hotel guest meditation session at The Benjamin Hotel in New York City

This hotel is also said to feel like an elite social club and tends to attract business leaders and successful executives who may often thrive best when they’re catered for in a personalized way.

The On Demand Mediation offering is the result of a collaboration between the sleep medicine expert, Dr Rebecca Robbins and Dina Kaplan from The Path.

The Path is a leader in modern meditation in New York City and attracts many business people and urbanites seeking respite, calm  and connection in their 24/7 city lifestyles.

Dina says, ‘Meditation has been around for thousands of years and is proven to relieve stress, improve focus, strengthen the brain, promote restful sleep, and even help us process our emotions differently, thus boosting emotional stability.’

Otherwise, the hotel’s On Demand Meditation offering forms part of their unique Get Centered in the City Package.

The Benjamin is a premium boutique hotel situated near Fifth Avenue.

The Benjamin Hotel New York City

The entrance of The Benjamin Hotel, New York City

Designed by Emery Roth, this hotel recently unveiled newly designed guest rooms with a flair for premium hospitality design.

The Benjamin Hotel Suite

A hotel suite at the luxury hotel, The Benjamin Hotel in New York City

There’s also healthy and nourishing dining available at the award-winning The National and a fitness center on the hotel’s third floor which includes a steam room and state of the art ‘Technogym’ facilities.

The venue also supports small businesses via its BizPerks program providing worthwhile discounts and benefits to smaller companies.

The Benjamin sits in the Denihan Hospitality Group portfolio and was named after the family-owned company’s founder who was dedicated to providing personalized customer care to all.

The Benjamin Hotel Exterior

The exterior facade of The Benjamin Hotel, New York City

Photography courtesy of The Benjamin.

What type of meditation helps you relax when you travel?



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