How This Founder Is Helping Women in Need

Founder, Lilian Lousky is helping to raise funds for women in need living in domestic violence refuges in London

London-based businesswoman, Lilian Lousky is the Founder and Creative Director of Tresor Paris – a luxury jewelry company.

Together with her husband and brother, Lilian formed her company after the 2008 recession with a view to offering affordable, luxury crystal and diamond jewelry to men and women across the UK.

As the trio began to successfully bridge the gap between diamonds and luxury fashion jewelry, their innovative use of crystals saw the brand become a multi-award winning UK jeweler.

Today Tresor Paris dominates its sector in the UK just as the brand garners wide appeal internationally. And, as the nation’s premium retailers of crystal jewelry, Tresor Paris regularly launches stunning collections throughout the seasons.

Recently, Tresor Paris began to work collaboratively with the not-for-profit organization W.I.N  London which supports survivors of domestic violence who are living in the UK capital.

With over 1500 members, this network also donates to women and children living in domestic abuse refuges run by the local UK charity, Hestia.

Data from The Office for National Statistics reveals that for the year ending March 2017 (in England and Wales), an estimated 1.9 million adults aged 16 to 59 years experienced domestic abuse during that year.

And, in the last financial year (2016-17) Hestia supported a total of 3,657 people in their domestic abuse services. This includes 719 women and 668 children in their domestic abuse refuges.

The Tresor Paris collaboration with W.I.N London is already raising vital funds to assist those trapped in this tortuous cycle of domestic abuse – and those who need help to flee it.

Mother and child supported by Hestia and W.I.N London

25% of profits from the sale of bespoke Tresor Paris necklaces (or lockets) are currently being donated.

Here, Lilian tells Nativa World about her more recent philanthropic efforts and details why W.I.N London and Hestia are important causes for her…

Lilian, what does the word, ‘Achieve’ mean to you?

To create and accomplish an idea or a product that help developing not just our business and financial aims but a satisfaction in knowing that it helps others.

What’s your background?

I’ve grown up around jewellery as both my family and my husband’s family have jewellery backgrounds and business. My father’s business was in the diamond trade with many international clients. The fashion crystal jewellery was created as an additional line some ten years ago to bridge the gap between fine and fashion creating affordable trendsetting collections.

How did the collaboration with Women in Need (W.I.N) London come to life?

I personally know one the ladies on the committee. W.I.N London is a charity close to my heart, as I have a couple of friends who have unfortunately been in need of such a wonderful organization. It’s a new organization co-founded by Christina Harvey and Georgina Chambury Burke.

W.I.N London co-founders Christina Harvey and Georgina Chambury Burke

Christina had seen an ad for a second-hand buggy and decided to set up a Facebook group to help locate pre-loved items for women and children living in a local Hestia refuge in East London.

They launched their online ‘shop’ earlier this year which sells sweats, tees and bags which have been worn by celebrities – including Sadie Frost.

T-shirts by W.I.N London

Is this collaboration a first for Tresor Paris?

It’s the first with Hestia / W.I.N London, however we have collaborated with various charities in the past.

What does Hestia do?

Hestia supports adults and children across London in times of crisis. Last year it worked with more than 9,000 people, including victims of modern slavery, women and children who have experienced domestic abuse, young care leavers and older people.

From giving someone a home to helping them to get the right mental health support, Hestia supports and enables people at the moment of crisis. Hestia is also the largest provider of domestic abuse refuges in London and the largest provider of outreach and accommodation support for victims of modern slavery in London and the southeast.

Mother and child entering a refuge run by Hestia

How does Hestia further help people to change their lives?

As London’s largest provider of domestic abuse refuge services, last year Hestia supported 719 women and 668 children in its 29 refuges across 11 London boroughs.

Across  its network of refuges it’s able to provide a place of safety to women and children who are made homeless by domestic abuse. Hestia also offers emotional and practical support and ensures that every service user has an up-to-date risk assessment and support plan tailored to their needs.

In addition to the refuge services, Hestia’s Independent Domestic Violence Advocates, Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences and floating support teams have supported almost 2,300 people living in the community who are at high risk of violence and abuse.

Across the UK almost one million children are affected by domestic abuse every year, either directly through their own experience or indirectly by witnessing violence. For many women this is the tipping point at which they seek help. At Hestia they’re committed to providing a Children and Family worker in every refuge to support the specific needs of these children.

During school summer holidays for example, Hestia also runs a six-week Summer Play Scheme providing activities and outings for mothers and their children across our refuges. Funded through generous donations from the public, the Summer Play Scheme provides the mums and children with a safe and supported space to reconnect and create new happy memories.

What’s the new range of jewelry like and which item is a favorite of yours?

It’s a small range of two customizable lockets that are versatile whether smart or casual. My favorite is the heart locket which I wear all the time. The range includes shimmering round or heart shaped lockets which come either in gold or white gold with a crystal trim. Each are filled with the glittery, floating W.I.N initials in silver in the gold lockets and gold in the silver lockets for contrast.

W.I.N London & Tresor Paris necklace range

How has the range been received so far?

It’s early days but we have had a positive response so far.

What other causes are special to you and why?

Unfortunately there are far too many causes that need support. A great charity close to my heart is Breast Cancer Care as I personally have close friends who have needed their support.

W.I.N London Sweatshirt

Photography courtesy of Lilian Lousky, Tresor Paris, W.I.N London & Reminis Studios