How to Succeed as an Online Beauty Founder

Founder, Denise Rabor knows how to succeed in the online beauty marketplace

Entrepreneur and international makeup artist, Denise Rabor has wide experience in the beauty industry and understands how to succeed in running an online business.

Her digital beauty platform, WOW Beauty is successful because it provides a single online hub and one-stop-shop to women and includes beauty tips and advice.

WOW Beauty also celebrates diverse beauty whilst helping women be their best selves no matter who they are or wherever they are in the world.

The biggest challenge is often managing the doubting inner voice that sometimes appears, trying to sabotage our progress; I’m constantly inspired by women who are pushing forward and refusing to be cowed by barriers.’ Denise Rabor, Founder, WOW Beauty.

Here, Denise tells Nativa World about her beauty business, how to succeed when launching a startup and why she strives to inspire women to #ownyourbeauty…

Denise, what does the word ‘Achieve’ mean to you?

‘Achieve’ is a positive word to me. It’s a word that has always played a major role in my life. I was brought up by achieving parents who introduced me and my sister to the world of business at an early age. Consequently I’ve always been motivated and inspired by achievement and how to succeed. Achieve means that we celebrate our gains both big and small, which ultimately impacts our confidence levels, how to succeed and our ability to step forward.

How did WOW Beauty come to life?

It’s the culmination of a lifetime love affair with beauty and wellbeing. As a child, growing up in New York City I used to love reading my mothers magazines, Ebony and Essence. American Vogue was my fashion Wikipedia as a tween and then memories of my mothers scents, clothes and the packaging of her makeup products informed my vision for WOW Beauty. My international career as a makeup artist broadened my experience and vision. I loved translating looks for all skin tones. With WOW Beauty, I’ve brought that element of celebrating our beauty with all women and I encourage them to #ownyourbeauty.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This is my newest venture and it’s really going well. A lot of work has been done in the industry and I’m picking up the mantel and running with it. I’m known for my belief in pure limitless potential! For me there are no limits, and that gives me a buzz. I got that from my parents and my New York upbringing. I want to build on the way that women view beauty– firstly that they start to #ownyourbeauty and that they see the connection that exists between beauty, wellbeing and the self awareness that is required for career growth. Secondly, I want to really make a stand for inclusive beauty. It’s a big vision, it’s a shared vision and it’s time. I’m a work in progress so in 5 years I hope to be learning and growing, and excited about the future, pushing the boundaries of my potential and making a difference in the lives of women.

What services does WOW Beauty provide?

  • Quick tips
  • Attainable tips
  • Beauty Tips for all ages
  • Beauty Tips for all skin tones
  • Research is done for you.

All women want to look and feel the best that they can. We all want to know about great skincare, great makeup and wellbeing. WOW Beauty looks at holistic natural products as well as the mainstream brands. We offer succinct product reviews based on my opinion as a professional, as well as being that busy businesswoman. There are beauty tips and how to’s, health and wellbeing tips from professionals, skincare, hair care and inspiring quotes. Seasonal beauty and makeup trends are translated and made accessible. Women can also write in for advice and we offer bespoke makeup and skincare recommendations. We’ll challenge women to try something new with their looks and that’s a BIG challenge for some women!

What challenges have you faced as a founder?

I’ve never defined myself by my gender or my ethnicity simply because my parents brought me up to to be myself, to put my best self forward and to ‘just do it’. There are always challenges but my attitude is to push past them. Of course there are challenges and barriers that women in business face on a daily basis and we need only look at the dire statistics for women in leadership roles or on boards. For many women that I speak to, the biggest challenge is often managing the doubting inner voice that sometimes appears, trying to sabotage our progress; however I’m constantly inspired by the women who are pushing forward and refusing to be cowed by barriers. My mother is a successful female founder, my sister and I are female founders and as Maya Angelou said “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.”

Which beauty products do you love?

I’m such a beauty junkie but I’m really into serums. I love their ability to boost and transform skin. Also, I’m a strong believer in taking oils like omega 3, 6, 7, 9.

How important is beauty in the workplace?

Beauty is confidence worn on your person. It’s what we are as people when we’re aligned to our ‘best selves’. You walk beauty and embody it. Makeup helps us put our ‘best self’ forward. We can accentuate ourselves or create masks for those days when we’re not on best form. Makeup looks also help us define who we are in that moment.’ ‘Am I firey today?’, or ‘Am I feeling more classic?’ Our moods change and so our makeup can reflect that.

Do you think women should have a make-over once in their lives?

So many of us get stuck with a particular look or style often because continue to believe old, invalid narratives about ourselves; so for example you suggest to someone that she’d look great with some lipstick on, or you tell someone that she should show her arms more and you get the default response of ‘oh I never suit that’ It’s often the small things that can be such game changers and give us more confidence, especially for going out to face the world. Having a professional consult can often be an ‘Ah ha’ moment.

What’s special about WOW Beauty?

We encourage women to share their beauty stories with us, because the shared story is so empowering for all of us as it encourages us to have confidence in our own beauty. I aim to help women whoever & wherever they are to find their voice and push back against societies still rather limited version of beauty. I love that we are seeing more campaigns aimed at inclusive body and beauty images, but I want to see inclusive beauty become the norm, not the exception.

Denise’s Travel Tips:

  • Drink Water
  • Take oils
  • Use serum
  • Breathe
  • Meditate

Denise’s advice on how to succeed:

  • Know yourself. When you are in tune with yourself, you are better able to determine which of the ideas that you have for a business are viable and a good fit for your personality. You may have a passion for cooking, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are suited to the rigors of running a catering business.
  • It’s important to be conscious of your core values, the things that motivate and demotivate you.
  • By knowing yourself you’ll be able to recognize the ebb and flow of your energy, you’ll know when to push hard and when to pull back and reflect. You’ll trust your intuition.
  • Know your market.
  • It’s vital to do your research and know your sector. Be multi skilled and be willing to learn the basics of everything to do with your business.
  • At the start you’ll need to be able to do lots of things for yourself and when you do eventually hire people, you need to learn from them.
  • Have your cheerleaders in place. You will need to rely on your cheerleaders for moral and emotional support throughout your journey. When you come across challenges these are the people who’ll be your sounding boards, who’ll wipe your brow and push you back into the ring.
  • Plan, plan, plan!
  • Keep your overheads low, control your budget, pay attention to details from the very beginning, set goals; short term, medium and long term.
  • Manage your time and as more demands are placed on your time learn to ask yourself the ‘will it move me forward.

Founder Denise Rabor is represented by Alison Jameson PR. You can also follow Denise and WOW Beauty on Twitter.

Photography courtesy of Denise Rabor