A new app helps business travelers maintain their workout plans when they’re away from home and get motivated by their fitness buddies

Keeping up with a workout plan when you’re traveling alone on business and feeling jet lagged, sluggish or stressed can often prove to be a challenge.

And despite the rise of fitness tech and a multitude of workout apps supporting people with their workout plans whenever and wherever they are in the world, working out alone when traveling  often isn’t fun or easy.

Enter Gixo, a workout app which offers familiarity and fun in fitness and a workout experience in the form of group fitness classes that are sociable, friendly and motivating.

After downloading this workout app and choosing a plan, live, trained coaches are on hand to motivate and inspire, alongside  fitness classmates from around the world and curated music mixes.

Gixo live workout class search

Group fitness classes suiting every type of fitness level can be joined by anyone -and at any time – inside a gym, hotel or anywhere outside.

In all, this workout app turns your mobile phone into an exciting and friendly virtual gym where you can continue your workout plan with friends and enjoy different workout class options 24 hours a day.

Over 180 live, guided fitness classes are on tap for users to join at their leisure every 30 minutes throughout the day. Choices in group fitness class include cardio and strength training – to name a few.

15, 25 or 40 minute class time lengths are offered – which suits the time strapped business traveler who wants to keep up their workout plan en route.

The community feel to Gixo is unique, whilst a healthy living blog is available online to support and educate users.

Started in 2016 by entrepreneurs Al Lieb and Selina Tobaccowala (the pair behind Evite) and it was their combined passion for building great consumer products with impact that led them to build Gixo.

Joining them on this workout app project is an unrivaled DJ and a complementary team of professional coaches.

Gixo fitness trainer motivating  and getting to know her class members

To enjoy Gixo on a business trip and maintain their workout plan, travelers can go online and simply type in their phone number after which the app link is sent – or they can download  the workout app via the App Store or Google Play.

After signing up for a class at a time that suits them to exercise, they’ll be notified 15 minutes before their group fitness class begins.

Workouts can be done alone or they can join a fitness class group and even communicate with, meet, motivate and give feedback to fellow classmates.

Gixo fitness class members attending a class

Aside from helping users stick to their workout plans en route, Gixo allows users to get to know their coaches and new class mates so that they can enjoy familiarity in their fitness whenever and wherever they are.

Group fitness classes are also personalized over time by coaches who consider their class skills, level and history.

For the business traveler who wants to feel at home when they’re away, exercising alongside a friendly face each day and someone who motivates and supports them in sticking to their workout plan could be just the tonic.

Gixo  group fitness class – member results and individual performance goals

Photography courtesy of Gixo and Shutterstock.com

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