Learn how to set goals and enjoy success using new technology incorporated in a self-development system

Karmaconcinnity is a self-development system built using new technology to help people learn how to set goals, defeat stress and enjoy success in their lives.

Created by the British marketing and advertising expert, Phil Rogerson and his product guides users through a simple three-step process and combines self-development techniques, corporate branding and marketing strategies.

Users begin their journey by answering psychometric questions to understand their inner selves, traits and stress levels. They then identify their goals by being completely honest with themselves and acknowledge any strengths and weaknesses via business analysis techniques. They can enjoy personal growth with the help of therapeutic and development techniques provided via the system’s final step.

Karmaconcinnity Step 2

Achievement involves reaching a series of small and large goals, lifestyle alterations and dedication.

New technology behind Karmaconcinnity pinpoints which activities and exercises (Self-hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness, positivity techniques and yoga – to name a few) would best suit and help a user with their issues. A 60-day process – or personalized self-development plan – is provided for the user to follow at their leisure.

Here Phil tells Nativa World how Karmaconcinnity  came to life and why he thinks entrepreneurs use self-development techniques to garner success in their personal and professional lives

Phil, what does the word ‘Achieve’ mean to you?

It can mean many things, but in its’ grandest sense, achieving something requires you to set your sights on something and form a plan of how you might succeed in attaining it. It means working towards that goal and being single-minded and committed in the pursuit of it. When you succeed in it, it’s also important to celebrate the effort that you put in.

I also think that achievement involves reaching a series of small and large goals, lifestyle alterations and dedication. This culminates in a personal vision and achieving your ‘larger goal’ which creates a much bigger impact.

The Karmacocinnity three steps – Discover, Create & Develop

We’ve combined the best parts of the most dynamic personal-development processes and techniques with powerful, big business strategy and analysis techniques.

How does this resonate with Karmaconcinnity?

The Karmaconcinnity process involves preparation and self-honesty. It helps users understand themselves and their values, decide their goals and commit to them. It also helps them grow by means of self-development techniques and strategies which mirror those used in business. For example, we encourage our users to create a ‘mission statement’ to keep them on track. This is determined by questions such as – ‘What’s my life goal? What do I stand for? What actions do I need to take to manifest my vision and achieve my goal?

What’s the Karmaconcinnity vision and mission ?

Our vision is to create a better life experience for people by breaking down their psychological barriers and unlocking their true potential. Our business activities support this by offering plans which include powerful daily development processes. These combine dynamic personal development, stress management techniques and business development strategies.

We’ve combined the best parts of the most dynamic personal-development processes and techniques with powerful, big business strategy and analysis techniques. This fusion empowers our clients and delivers their personal road to success.

We also built Karmaconcinnity to help steer people towards a positive mindset, one full of self compassion and belief in themselves – a belief that they can succeed in whatever their goals may be.

The plans generated are 60 days because contrary to previous beliefs, a recent study published in The European Journal of Social Psychology found it took on average 66 days to break an old habit and form a new one.

Why is self-development important?

Without self-development we stagnate, we don’t develop and we fade. The Japanese have a word, ‘Kaisen’, which means continuous improvement. Even if we think something’s perfect there’s always a way of analyzing and improving it. We owe it to ourselves to learn and develop, to love ourselves enough to care about our wellbeing. If you continually strive to develop your brain by learning new things and nourishing it, you can extend your life and stave off dementia.

Karmaconcinnity self-development platform is available on desktop and smartphone

We all have greatness inside us. The answer is finding the key to unlocking that potential.

What’s your background?

Karmaconcinnity is my two experiences and ‘worlds’ coming together; the business analysis and brand interrogation side that were part of my professional life in the advertising and marketing world and the therapeutic, problem solving side. Combined, they help assess and understand issues and then dynamically provide a bespoke solution for a client.

At my previous company, Madhouse Limited, I became interested in the motives surrounding purchase decisions and in particular the neuroscience behind customer interaction (neuromarketing). I also began to explore neuroscience in my leisure time and started to follow people like Tony Robbins, Dr Wayne Dyer, Les Brown, Paul McKenna and Glen Harrold. Over time, my interest in the brain – what it’s capable of and it’s ability to hold someone back from achieving something – grew and grew.

Did you also suffer from stress?

I’ve lived with stress in much of my working life. Before now, my career was in a fast paced advertising agency that was continuously evolving with the market. When I closed my company and was supporting family members through debilitating illnesses at home, I ended up Googling the symptoms of stress. I ticked all the boxes so I booked a medical appointment and was referred to a stress counselor. Unfortunately, the earliest appointment was four months ahead due to a ‘stress bottleneck’ in the British health system.

I decided to take control of things myself. I had begun to listen to the motivational speakers I mentioned above and they showed me ways to foster a positive mental attitude. Through my understanding of the subconscious mind I acknowledged that my stress was a state of mind and to feed my desire to discover more, I decided to train to become a clinical hypno-psychotherapist, a mindfulness practitioner and to study other very effective therapies like NLP and CBT. I also changed my diet and exercise regime and began to meditate.

What did you learn at this time?

I learned that there are common issues shared by many of us, such as stress. I learned that everyone is different and has varying needs and requirements. I discovered that nobody should feel inferior to anybody else because of how their brain interprets themselves, versus someone else or because of historic events. We all have greatness inside us. The answer is finding the key to unlocking that potential.

Then, through my work in business analytics, I knew that developing a personal brand is extremely effective to a persons success and the techniques that we use to give large companies the edge (such as developing a proposition, a mission statement, SWOT analysis, prioritization matrix and market analysis) can easily be applied on a personal level.

A Karmaconcinnity personal vision board

It can be hard to stay grounded and mindful of what you have achieved when there are so many comparisons to be made.

What’s your definition of ‘success’?

We live in a competitive world where it’s all too easy to see others out-performing us. Social media has provided a billboard for self-promotion. The down-side of this comes when you feel that things haven’t gone to plan and it’s very easy to begin to self-doubt, become pessimistic, and feel that you haven’t achieved against your own self-imposed measures of success, bringing on anxiety and stress. There’s always someone that’s doing a little better than you, driving a better car than you, living in a better home or going to a better vacation destination than you and, as I mentioned, we see it on our social media posts day in day out. It can be hard to stay grounded and mindful of what you have achieved when there are so many comparisons to be made.

What are your business goals?

We see growth potential in the healthcare sector. The World Health Organisation recently stated that by 2030, mental health issues will form the BIGGEST burden on health care resources above heart conditions and cancer. In the USA data shows that 36 percent of workers suffer from work-related stress that costs U.S. businesses $30 billion a year in lost workdays. In the UK, there’s already a directive to help ease the medical practitioners bottlenecks due to stress.

We’re in talks with a region of NHS England to implement Karmaconcinnity as a solution to combat this. The site was fully launched in March with an extensive test phase and soft launch prior to this. Our Karmacommunity is growing steadily and we’ve recently launched an additional wellbeing site containing natural wellbeing advice derived from the latest neuroscience research – the science behind living a naturally happier, healthier life.

Our long term goals are to continue become synonymous with assisting people to improve their wellbeing and help them live a life that’s more fulfilled. As the vision statement sets out, we care about improving peoples life experiences and helping them to fulfill their potential.

Why do entrepreneurs often turn to self-development techniques?

Entrepreneurs make connections that others miss. They see the potential, they’re good at assessing needs and delivering a solution to that need, it comes naturally to them. What can also come with the entrepreneurial territory is an inability to switch off, very often operating at full tilt and still looking for opportunities. This can be dangerous because life can pass us by. To quote a master in mindfulness:

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath” – Amit Ray

Entrepreneurs run the risk of burn out.  I’ve been there, I’ve done it and I’m blessed that I saw the lessons I needed to learn – to live in the moment, to try and support others, to begin to love myself – because after all if I can’t love myself how can anyone love me?

How can female business travelers benefit from using your product?

They can sign up to Karmaconcinnity. It delivers meditations, hypnotherapy, relaxation and stress-relieving techniques on a daily basis and as long as you have a connection to the Internet you can view your daily activity.

Photography courtesy of Phil Rogerson and Karmaconcinnity



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