How to Save the Planet at a Human Powered Gym

Help save the planet and take care of your health at London’s first eco-friendly fitness venue

Businesswomen who travel to London can now help save the planet whilst working out peacefully at the capital’s first human-powered gym.

Most London-based professionals know how to create balance in their lives by making time to work out, taking care of themselves and getting some quiet relaxation in at their local spa or gym.

Many also show great awareness of the need to make sustainable choices which can help save the planet.

In fact, a recent leading luxury report published by WGSN, focusing on attracting the luxury consumer in 2020, showcased sustainability in the top 3 considerations of luxury consumers when purchasing goods and experiences.

This new focus – which has already experienced huge growth in the luxury hotel, food and wellness industries- is now expanding even further and has begun to infiltrate the fitness sector.

Generally, finding a unique and suitable fitness niche in any city that satisfies the modern women’s health and ‘eco needs’ or where they can help save the planet isn’t easy.

In London’s over-saturated gym sector, it’s even harder.

Terra Hale offers an escape from the hectic streets of London

Enter Terra Hale (‘Strong Earth’) and London’s first eco-friendly gym with green gym equipment and a calming atmosphere is a welcome addition to the capital’s thriving fitness market.

But just as this new company promotes and offers eco fitness to people across the capital, it also combines luxury and sustainability effortlessly and thoughtfully.

Underpinned by a philosophy of taking care of oneself and the planet in tandem, everything at Terra Hale is holistic and sustainable. There’s also a strong focus on wellness, mindfulness, calmness and Mother Nature.

My quest on visiting Terra Hale was to experience an eco-friendly gym for the very first time and to discover what makes London’s debut one so special.

At first glance the fitness and wellness offerings at Terra Hale seem extensive but nothing extraordinary.

Personal training and body transformations are available alongside standard fitness classes including HIIT, TRX, Yoga, Barre, Circuit and Spin classes.

Sustainable spin bikes at Terra Hale

The venue is situated in a discreet basement location in Fulham (this is just one of the Terra Hale locations available in West London) and from the moment you step inside the differences becomes clear.

This tropical-looking and peaceful fitness oasis includes walls made from healthy plants and an inviting lush green ‘grass’ carpet that runs through its center.

Oxygen concentrators, reclaimed leather furniture armchairs, vintage leather boxing bags and gymnastic vaults all make this venue truly unique, welcoming and slightly magical.

Apart from the green aesthetics of Terra Hale – which have been crafted from recycled or eco-friendly materials – this space looks to be filled with the type of equipment you’d expect in any high-end, luxury London gym.

Free weights, spin bikes and rowers are on site, but at Terra Hale there’s a subtle difference.

Green gym equipment includes eco-friendly water rowers which are impeccably designed and add sleek lines, made from hardwoods sourced from sustainable forests.

The green spin bikes are the first of their kind to harness the power of human energy to create electricity and power the gym.

They give back to the national grid.

Terra Hale’s Founder is Michal Homola

Terra Hale’s Founder is Michal Homola who tells me, ‘Mother nature deserves the very best from each one of us.’

This belief has so extended into his curated 360 degree philosophy, encompassing nurturing the body, mind, spirit and soul.

Terra Hale also offers members supportive training and wellness workshops which help to reduce stress, create a mindful community and contribute to saving the planet respectively.

Otherwise, alongside the mental and spiritual side of Terra Hale’s  philosophy, wellness workshops including meditation and gong bath therapy are also available.

Gong bath therapy sessions are by London’s premiere gong bath master, Leo Cosenda.

They involve sound healing whereby each cell of the body participates in a vibrational orchestra to calm and center the mind whilst rejuvenating the body, taking it far away from the chaotic streets of London or a busy day in the office.

New wellness workshops are also due to launch at Terra Hale later in 2018.

Terra Hale also offers personal training with a mindful eye on wellness and Mother Nature

As a professional woman living and working in London, I religiously carve out time for my workouts each week. They serve as a form of stress relief and keep my body and mind in shape.

For the most part, I prefer private personal training sessions to large group classes.

However I’m not adverse to a small group class – if I feel I have the opportunity to get a good workout in.

Terra Hale offers semi-private fitness classes for a maximum of 6 people so I opted to try the Big HIIT session to give myself a challenge.

Before the class I met with one of the Terra Hale personal trainers and weight loss experts, Casey Mccann.

Casey was open, honest and professional as we discussed my fitness goals and current training regime. He also patiently explained the equipment, circuits and techniques we’d need for the class.

As it was only a small group class, I felt that the level of personal attention was a lot higher than the majority of group classes I’d been to in London – therefor leaving no space for excuses!

This interval-based class combined a selection of movements and stations designed to be challenging. High intensity cardio combined with compound strength training meant that everyone in the class was working hard throughout the 50-minute session, no matter what their fitness level.

Using a selection of hand weights and body weight exercises, the class focused on speed, power and explosive movements.

A good warm up and cool down on the water rower was a unique and almost meditative experience. I much preferred this to the usual rowing equipment I’ve used before.

For female business travelers visiting London, the 3 day pass at Terra Hale gives an ideal introductory offer at £30 for 3 days. With great easy- to- reach locations and an easy to use booking app, fitting an effective workout in has never been easier.

Terra Hale’s classes are currently available at their Fulham location, with a Shepherds Bush location opening in 2018, offering high intensity eco spin classes.

A Notting Hill location is also opening in 2018.

If you’re in London this Spring and striving to find a new kind of balance, care deeply about the world around us and want to help save our planet whilst working out, do give Terra Hale -and its green gym equipment – a try.

London’s first eco-friendly, human-powered gym is in Fulham

Photography courtesy of Terra Hale