How to Relieve Stress When You’re in London

Find ways to relieve stress at a luxury beauty and health spa in London

A new holistic concept supporting ‘stress relief in the city’ has launched at the glamorous  K West Hotel & Spa in London.

Combining luxurious spa treatments and coaching services and The Department of Calm is the stress-busting solution for business executives, mumpreneurs, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs.

If they want to find ways to relieve stress, relax and lead calmer lives as they work in the city, they can now book tailored packages at this spa which combine coaching and mindfulness with spa treatments.

Professionals may often suffer from stress at work because of overworking, bullying and/or lack of support from their bosses. And often, experts or therapists may advise them to try and understand their stress triggers and help them find strategies to combat them.

Finding the courage to say ‘no’, or asking for help could perhaps ease stress for overworked professionals. Taking proper lunch breaks, finding more suitable roles in the office or a new job entirely may also be just the tonic.

Frequent business travelers may suffer from high stress levels as Cortisol and Seratonin become unbalanced on a trip and adrenaline kicks in.

The added pressures of jet lag or searching for a jet lag cure, working long hours and eating unhealthy food can become debilitating triggers. Meeting new people, preparing for make-or-break business presentations or following other people’s meeting schedules may also contribute to any stress-related issues in a negative way.

Kuddles at K Spa at K West Hotel & Spa

The Department of Calm was born when the beauty, spa and wellness expert, Glenis Wade discovered that many business people wanted to enjoy their own workplace wellbeing – as opposed to taking up corporate wellness offerings.

Glenis found and devised a solution which comprised of one-to-one sessions that coach people how to practice mindfulness and how to identify the key stressors in their lives.

She then married these sessions with nourishing spa treatments such as massage, aromatherapy and physical therapies.

Her program has since become integral to promoting business people’s stress relief, slowing the pace in their lives and helping them manage their own health and wellness.

Glenis Wade created The Department of Calm concept at K West Hotel & Spa

The Department of Calm also appeals to a wider demographic including business travelers and entrepreneurs.

‘When I treat business travelers in London they get my complete attention and my understanding of how interesting but stressful business travel can be, ‘ Glenis says.

‘We use coaching therapies to prime the mind and physical relaxation therapies to create states of deep creativity.

‘The result is a relaxed body, a plethora of ideas and clarity of direction for the business traveler.

‘Our deeply relaxing packages like the Relax and Resilience package are also highly effective at alleviating travel stress.

‘For this package, instead of the coaching talk, we use an intensely relaxing blend of aromatherapy essences to help calm and settle both before and during a flight.’

Glenis collaborated with K West Hotel & Spa since both partners were well aligned in their holistic approach to wellness. They also realized the importance of supporting guests and local residents in coping with the chaos of organizational change, business problems and difficult management styles.

‘K Spa represents relaxed luxury and the team are friendly and very helpful.

‘The management know the full wellness capabilities of the holistic spa treatments on offer.’ says Glenis.

‘It’s not the usual cold, hard or plain spa environment we’re familiar with – the decor is stylish, in keeping with the whole hotel, and K Spa has lots of personality.’

The Hydrotherapy pool at K West Hotel & Spa

For entrepreneurs Glenis recommends the Resilience and Relaxation package.

‘This was born out of research I did on the barriers to business-creation success.’ she adds.

‘We work on the known key stressors of business start-up – whether that is family, supplier and customer relationships (or more).

‘I use coaching talk to clarify tactical ways forward while highlighting key coping strategies.

‘A deeply relaxing segment with a shoulder, face and scalp massage follows.

‘Mindful breathing and positive visualization instruction help to reduce tension and allow the client’s own creativity to flourish.’

For businesswomen traveling to London, they can now find ways to relieve stress during their trip by booking time at K Spa and choosing a treatment package that suits their particular needs.

If they aren’t staying at K West Hotel & Spa, they can book any of the treatment packages the Department of Calm series offers or they can attend classes and workshops during any downtime which cover ‘burn out’ prevention and resilience training – to name a few.

K Spa reception area at K West Hotel & Spa

Otherwise, the award-winning K Spa is known throughout the capital as a complete and luxury holistic haven. Its deep focus on hot-cold therapy is impressive and is said to boost the immune system and cleanse the skin.

Businesswomen can also enjoy daytime spa services at K Spa such as the venue’s flotation tanks, foot baths and Hydrotherapy pool. The Wet Spa is a main attraction and houses London’s only ‘Snow Paradise.’

The Snow Paradise is chilled to -15 and compliments the spa’s hot-cold therapy ethos where clients alternate between steam and ice environments. It’s said that the sudden and extreme change in temperatures will stimulate circulation and benefit the immune system.

The Sauna at K Spa at K West Hotel & Spa

A complete spa journey at K Spa would perhaps include spending time in the Scandinavian Sauna and Steam room, or the aroma scented Sanarium where total relaxation can be experienced via heat and humidity.

There’s also a ‘Sun Meadow’ which provides light therapy to treat SAD.

Massage therapy at K Spa at K West Hotel & Spa

A comprehensive menu of beauty and spa treatments feature aromatherapy, honey and rose facials as well hot stone massage. There’s also  a stylish nail bar which offers quick nail fixes and lengthier, more luxurious manicures and pedicures.

‘I’d recommend using a spa before and after each flight and meeting while you are away from home.’ adds Glenis.

‘It’s good to plan to ensure your wellbeing is integrated into your itinerary around workplace activities.

‘A simple way to do this is to make sure your hotel has a more sophisticated spa.’

For working out, the gym, K Fit is free to guests and includes spin classes, yoga, power plate workouts and is decked out with top cardio and resistance equipment.

K West Hotel & Spa by night

K West Hotel is one of London’s hippest accommodation venues and has an energetic and powerful urban twist. This cosmopolitan hotel was once home to the BBC and recording studios.

Today, it’s frequented by A -Listers and celebrities who are often spotted enjoying drinks in the hotel’s swish lounge bar or meandering through the super-cool lobby.

Business amenities here are comprehensive and include large, light and airy meeting rooms.

Guest rooms are spacious, fashionably designed and inviting.

Photography courtesy of K West Hotel & Spa