How to Have Healthy Hair When You Travel

Find out how to have healthy hair when you travel using products by an award-winning hairdresser

If you’re keen to know how to have healthy hair when you travel, the Chelsea Collection is a luxury line of products and shampoos delivers glamorous hair to the modern woman.

Created by the award-winning British hairdresser, Richard Ward whose clients include The Duchess of Cambridge and The Countess of Wessex- and this hair care range follows his ethos that contemporary hair should be natural, free-flowing, touchable and wearable.

Richard’s new hair care products are also said to complement any cut whilst guaranteeing women salon perfect hair every day and whenever they’re on the go.

The Chelsea Collection by Richard Ward

The Anti-Ageing Argan Serum Elixir is a brilliant time-saver. Richard Ward, Richard Ward Hair, London.

Here Richard tells Nativa World about his journey to becoming one of the world’s most sought-after hairdresser and why The Chelsea Collection may offer some of the best hair care products to businesswomen who travel…

Richard, why did you enter the hairdressing industry?

My mum was a hairdresser and had two salons when I was little, so hairdressing was in my family. I grew up listening to exciting stories about the salon and constantly hearing about hair; the thought of doing something so creative in London really appealed to me.

How did you come to work with high profile clients, such as The Duchess of Cambridge and her family?

They have been coming to the salon for many years, just like many of our clientele – but most of my high profile clients are usually recommended by word of mouth.

What’s your definition of beautiful hair?

Beautifully finished hair, whether it’s long, short or mid-length; frizz-free, shiny, bouncy, aspirational ‘rich girl’ hair.

The hairdresser Richard Ward cutting and styling a client's hair

Why might The Chelsea Collection appeal to businesswomen who travel?

The range features lots of options for if you’re on the go the +1 Day dry shampoo is perfect for refreshing your look and injecting life back into your hair, and the Anti-Ageing Argan Serum Elixir is a brilliant time-saver.

The range also has mini versions of the Keratin Volume Shampoo and conditioner, which are ideal to pop in a travel bag!

What are your tips and best products for haircare during a trip?

  • Keep your hair hydrated and glossy with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner (like The Chelsea Collection Keratin Restore Shampoo & Conditioner,) to help restore lost moisture
  • Just like skin, covering up your hair is essential to avoid excessive damage and color fade from the elements; wear a hat if its sunny or spritz a hair-specific SPF product over the hair to help preserve color and condition
  • Treat your hair to an intensive masque like The Chelsea Collection Anti-ageing Argan Hydrating Treatment, once a week for 15 minutes to help restore any lost moisture and shine especially if you blow dry your hair.
  •  Wear long or mid-length hair in a chic summery braid, as lengths and ends are always the most susceptible to damage and colour fade from the elements.
  • Multi-task and use ‘down time’ as ‘conditioning time’ by applying a super-moisturizing treatment (like The Chelsea Collection Anti-Ageing Argan Hydrating treatment) at the start of the day; this will help protect your hair against the elements.

How do health and diet affect the quality of the hair?

Diet is crucial. Eating the right foods can really impact hair health dramatically – blood producing foods like nuts, seeds and dark berries are excellent. Healthy hair starts from the inside, so it’s very important to have a balanced diet that is rich and varied in nutrients and vitamins.

Celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward at the Australian launch of his hair product line, The Chelsea Collection

Which styles are going to be fashionable this season?

The ‘Lob’ is already huge and is set to be really popular again this year. Sleek hair is making a big comeback, as well as the classic loose waves and festival-style braids. At the moment there’s a real mix between highly groomed hair and a more natural, undone look.

Can you explain how to have healthy hair when traveling?

Hair doesn’t need to be washed every day – this can strip it of its natural oils, leaving it dull and dry. Use a little dry shampoo if it needs some oomph on the second day! Try to include a serum/Argan oil in your hair care routine – it’s so versatile and if used properly, can de-frizz and add amazing shine.

The Chelsea Collection haircare products by the celebrity and royal hairdresser Richard Ward

Why did you name your product range, ‘The Chelsea Collection’?

My salon is based in the heart of London’s Chelsea; the press dubbed my signature expensive-looking style ‘The Chelsea Blow Dry’. Hence, ‘the Chelsea Collection’ was a natural fit for my products!

How do women choose which of your products might be best for their particular hair?

The products are very simple and easy to understand – the labels are designed for people to not have to spend too much time deciding. You either need to put volume in your hair, smooth your hair or restore it – simple. The products are all popular, but anything to do with volume has been a big hit.  Also the whole Anti-Ageing range has been really popular – there isn’t really anything else like it in the market.

Royal hairdresser Richard Ward demonstrating his new hair product range

Which has been your defining moment as a hairdresser?

There have been so many, but obviously the Royal Wedding, being nominated as British Hairdresser of the Year for the first time, and doing my first ever daytime TV show and securing a regular slot afterwards. Winning Salon of the Year and of course London Hairdresser of the Year. And managing to still have one of the most successful salons in the UK after 23 years!

Royal and celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward

The Chelsea Collection is available in Australia at Priceline Pharmacies and in the UK at Waitrose.

Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa is located at:

82 Duke of York Square
Sloane Square

Photography courtesy of Richard Ward