Here’s the Answer to Clean Eating on the Go

Clean eating using a digital nutrition coach can improve health and enhance business travel

Clean eating involves being mindful about the foods we eat and understanding where they come from. It also centers around eating foods that are healthy, whole and ‘real’.

Rather than consuming refined and processed foods – or those riddled with additives – clean eating means eating foods that are free from chemicals and as far as possible in their natural form.

Regardless, clean eating is said to help people lose weight, improve their health and wellbeing and generally make us feel better.

Clean eating tips can include:

  •  Eating a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables
  •  Eating whole grains
  •  Cutting back on meat
  •  Limiting sugar and salt
  •  Caring for the environment and how our food is made

When we’re at home and within walking distance of our local store or our favorite healthy restaurant, nothing could be simpler than cleaning up our diet.

But what about when we’re traveling on business or preparing for one of those grueling, long work trips?

Of course one of the best things about business travel is that we get the chance to discover and enjoy new restaurants and to dine out on fresh local food.

Whether we’re with clients or eating out solo, trying any cuisine offered up in a new city is always exciting.

Other than that, having to eat with limited choices at the airport, on the plane or grabbing something quick on the run, our diets and health can suffer when we travel.

Frequent business travel means our clean eating habits may even fall by the wayside.

We’re also often tempted by coffee and sugar when we travel, just to keep our energy levels up and to combat jet lag.

Then, if we’re dining out every night there’s the risk of over indulging on tasty new foods and sampling sugary deserts.

But what if there was a nutrition coach with clean eating expertise by our side to help 24/7 and get us healthy before we fly?

Or a nutrition coach to advise us on ‘clean eating-out’ options whenever we’re abroad?

Freeletics digital nutrition coach offers tailored meal plans and healthy recipes

Enter Freeletics, an innovative sport and lifestyle company that has released a handful of healthful apps to optimize a healthy and happy lifestyle.

This American brand largely appeals to those who lead busy lives and who have a passion for health and wellness. Currently Freeletics is the choice in fitness and lifestyle app for 31 million people.

Freeletics offerings include the signature Freeletics Bodyweight app which promotes high intensity training using bodyweight only – meaning you can workout anywhere and anytime.

There’s also Freelectics Gym, Freeletics Clothing, Freeletics Running and Freeletics Nutrition.

This apps cutting-edge digital nutrition coach offers bespoke meal plans and healthy recipes.

It has been developed by experts and could be the perfect companion for the health conscious businesswoman at home – and more importantly for when she needs nutritional support and advice on the road.

And with the view to helping users be the best version of themselves, the nutrition coach helps them adjust their nutrition to their individual needs and goals so they can have a tailored plan to follow.

Freeletics is a 100% individualized, goal-oriented app that promotes clean eating

‘Alongside regular exercise, nutrition plays a vital role in leading a healthy, fulfilled life.’ Explains Freeletics Nutrition team member, Seana Forbes.

‘This is why Freeletics created a 100% individualized, goal-oriented app to help people eat healthily.’ She explains.

‘This is not a dieting or calorie counting app.

‘Freeletics Nutrition was developed by experienced nutritionists with a focus on sustainable results, based on the principle of clean eating.

‘Users simply tell the digital Coach whether they want to lose weight, gain mass or eat healthier.

‘The state-of-the-art nutrition coach algorithm then takes important parameters such as food preferences, daily activity levels and eating habits into account to create truly individualized weekly meal plans.’

Freeletics Nutrition users learn how to plan and make healthy food

Users not only have access to over 330 easy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but they can learn how to make healthy meals, that are rich in fruit and vegetables.

The nutrition coach will also help plan and decide on recipes whilst determining the quantities and portion sizes, plus track a users progress.

‘The nutrition coach creates weekly meal plans with multiple options, gives personalized advice and healthy eating-out alternatives.’ Adds Seana.

‘Users can even include their workouts to automatically recalibrate their meal plans.

‘And all of this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.’

For the business traveler there’s also nutritional tips and ongoing motivation for healthy living and of course, how to optimize clean eating on the go.

Freeletics Nutrition users can access 400 meal options

‘The app offers an easy way to develop a sustainable clean eating lifestyle with a nutrition coach in your pocket, no tracking required.’ Says Seana.

‘With almost 400 meal options in the app, it doesn’t matter whether users are vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian or have food intolerances, which is ideal for varying diets.

‘Caloric intake, meal numbers and macro-nutrients are all tailored to the user’s unique parameters, without them having to worry about tracking anything.

‘This takes out all the guesswork, recipe hunting and calorie counting.

‘Recipes contain only natural, whole and unprocessed foods, masterfully assembled in simple and delicious recipes.

‘Many even focus on low-budget ingredients.’

The Freeletics Nutrition app

Freeletics Nutrition is available to download on Google Play and the App Store.

Photography courtesy of Freeletics