Help For Jet Lag With a Sleep-Focused App

Combat jet lag on your business trip by using a meditation app

Sleepfulness is an app which is said to improve sleep and the quality of it via meditation techniques which can also be of help for jet lag and insomnia.

For many business travelers who take long haul flights, jet lag can upset the mood and concentration, as well as performance at work- especially when they may have to work on the day that they land.

Businesswomen can always try and combat jet lag by getting plenty of rest before they fly, by sleeping on the plane, by drinking plenty of water and by taking a short nap if they have time after they land.

They can also try and improve their sleep schedule whenever they travel through mindful meditation.

The Speefulness app Breath screenshot

The new Sleepfulness app has been developed by the same creators of buddhify which is the critically-acclaimed and bestselling meditation app for modern life.

Rohan Gunatillake who is behind Sleepfulness and is the creative director at Mindfulness Everywhere explains how his new app can be of help for jet lag and offers a jet lag remedy to people with sleep disorders during travel.

He says, ‘Long-haul travel of course plays havoc with our rhythms and even the best sleepers among us can struggle with getting to sleep at the right time for where we now are.

‘Not only that, we then go on to lack energy at the times when we might need it the most.

‘The wide range of techniques and idea within mindfulness can be especially useful at these times by learning to rest our minds when the rest of us thinks that sleeping might be the last thing we want to do.

‘For travelers the Sleepfulness app allows you to change your bedtime settings so that you always get the right content from its four timezones of Going To Sleep, Can’t Sleep, Waking Up and Daytime.’

The Sleepfulness app offers users ten free meditation tracks that work on relaxing the mind via soothing sounds and expert guidance.

In order to help avoid jet lag and reduce sleep disorders users can relax and unwind whenever they need since they can chose appropriate tracks for when they’re going to sleep, when they cant sleep, when they’re waking up and for during the daytime.

Woman using the Sleepfulness app

Rohan adds, ‘We found that the sleep-focused content within our general mindfulness app, buddhify, was not only the most popular but also the most effective.

‘So, Sleepfulness was created by taking the best of what we learned genuinely helps people to improve this critically important part of their lives.

“It is estimated that insomnia or sleep problems affect millions of people around the world so it’s clearly a major issue.

‘Mindfulness techniques contain many tools which not only help people go to sleep but also improve their quality of sleep, so we’ve filled the app with a wide range of guided tracks to help as many people as possible.

“The beauty of Sleepfulness is that it recognizes that the whole point of good sleep is to have more energy, relaxation and connection the following day.

‘That’s why it approaches sleep in a round-the-clock way, providing content for not only going to sleep but also when you can’t sleep, for mornings and for boosters if you have time during the day.

‘We have had such amazing feedback and input from our existing users and we’re looking forward to learning more about what is most helpful and introducing even more Sleepfulness content throughout the year.’

Four extra content packs are available for users to buy.

Each pack targets a different sleep problem such as relieving stress, softening anxiety, working with pain and managing brightness.

Screenshot of the Sleepfulness app and a cup of coffee

To further support jet lag relief and insomnia, users can also listen to extra sleep insights and get useful tips and tricks which they can use for the rest of their lives.

Benefits of using the Sleepfulness app:

  • Works out different Sleepfulness timezones for users
  • Shows which tracks are users personal favorites
  • Gives users personalized recommendations
  • Has additional packs
  • Users can learn mindfulness tips and tricks

Photography courtesy of Mindfulness Everywhere