Is Heathrow the World’s Healthiest Airport?

Heathrow is opening the world’s first airport wellness and fitness studio with fitness instructors included

This fall, Heathrow is set to unveil a new fitness studio and airport wellness facility at Terminal 2 which offers a rosta of workout classes led by skilled fitness instructors.

There are also interactive, on-demand strength, yoga and cardio classes which are set to benefit stressed travelers during a layover, or before they hop on a grueling long-haul flight.

After partnering with a company called FlyFit Global, Heathrow’s new state-of-the-art fitness space will also offer healthy food and showering facilities, as well as workout gear.

Staff will be on site to support travelers in enjoying an improved pre-flight experience where they can feel relaxed before they fly out of the UK’s busiest airport.

Female traveler at Heathrow airport

FlyFit Global is by entrepreneurs, Brian Chappon and Laura Perkins who first set out to redefine the way travelers move around.

Together with their first partner (Heathrow), their pioneering fitness studio concept looks set to transform the way people travel by helping them decompress and recharge ahead of their flights.

Before now,¬†Heathrow’s health and wellness initiatives have included introducing cleaner eating on the ground and on board.

Healthy takeaway options have also been made available from the airport’s 118 food outlets.

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food is located in Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport

The Gorgeous Kitchen at Heathrow Terminal 2 has been named best airport restaurant worldwide and serves wholesome foods, whilst other healthy dining options include Yo Sushi and Caviar House.

There are food ambassadors on hand in Heathrow’s terminals who help travelers decide what they’d like to eat when they fly. Water fountains are also available for people to top up their bottles before they fly.

Travelers at Heathrow Airport

Although Heathrow has set the bar high with respect to their passenger health and wellness efforts, other airports across the world are just as proactive.

Whether it’s providing healthier restaurant food options, quiet, luxury lounges, spas or yoga rooms, many airports are as keen to help combat any negative affects of airline travel and ensure passengers feel at their best in transit.

Toronto Pearson International Airport for example, has a fitness club located inside Terminal 1.

GoodLife Fitness Club at Toronto Pearson International Airport

Here, passengers can work out at the 10,000 square-foot GoodLife Fitness Club which is decked out with all the latest cardio equipment and free weights.

Workout clothing and luggage storage space are also available here, as well as a towel service and a pleasant lounge.

At Dubai International Airport in the Sheikh Rashid Terminal, the G-Force Health Club might suit passengers who have longer layovers. This space has a fully-equipped gym, shower rooms, a pool and sauna whereby passengers can book a package for almost 4 hours.

Dubai International Airport Concourse A interior

Sleep pods have also just been introduced at Terminal 3 in Concourse A. This ‘sleep ‘n fly’ lounge has 27 pods and cabins whereby travelers have the chance to sleep and relax for an hour or even longer.

Two zen gardens at Terminal 3 have also been designed to create a sense of tranquility in the hectic and stressful airport environment.

At Changi Airport in Singapore, the Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel at Terminal 1 has a swimming pool on the roof and a jacuzzi, whilst a Spa Express offers luxury massages, yoga and meditation sessions to help travelers feel pampered and rejuvenated

Rooftop swimming pool at Changi Airport Singapore

Sydney Airport meanwhile offers fresh fruit and vegetable juices as a pick-me-up for passengers at Joe & The Juice at Terminal 2. This terminal also houses the Active Living Room concept whereby travelers  can enjoy yoga sessions and healthy food at the Nourish Cafe.

Yoga rooms at San Francisco International Airport at Terminals 2 and 3 are free to use and provide the prefect spot to stretch out, meditate and enjoy much needed peace and quiet before traveling.

Yoga room at San Francisco International Airport

Complimentary yoga mats and props are also provided.

Photography courtesy of Dubai Airports, Heathrow Airport, San Francisco International Airport & Changi Airport Singapore