Growing a Business Selling Skin Care Products

Emma Reid is growing a business selling skin care products that are natural and ethically made

Skin care products by Musq are rising in popularity in Australia after a re-brand in 2014 under the helm of director, Emma Reid.

Emma is growing a business with a mission to ensure that her beauty and skin care products are manufactured ethically and to the highest quality.

And, since her brand aligns itself closely with the workings of nature, Musq cosmetics and skin care products continue to be 100 % natural and toxic-free.

Today, as well as continuing to bring affordable and easy-to-use skin care products to the luxury cosmetics marketplace, Musq remains committed to ethical entrepreneurship. The company has also strengthened its relationship-building process with its customers.

Via social media channels, a website and blog, Musq encourages meaningful engagement whilst delivering a simple message to people to make healthy choices in their lives, for their skin and for the world around them.

A woman who uses Musq cosmetics

Musq cosmetics and skin care products are natural and ethically made in Australia

Working in harmony with the earth, choosing ethically and taking care of ourselves and our planet is at the heart of everything we do.‘- Emma Reid, Director, Musq

Here Emma tells Nativa World she’s growing a business focusing on quality and simplicity rather than profit and why she thinks her skin care products resonate well with people who care deeply about the world that they live in…

Emma, how did Musq come to life?

Musq was launched in 2007, in a small shopping village in Melbourne, Australia by my dear friend and her Mother. In 2013 I bought into Musq and since then, have bought the brand out solely. Musq is now based in Adelaide, South Australia, where I work closely with my team to bring our ideas to life.

How has the brand been received so far and how are you growing the business?

Musq has been very well received since its re-branding in 2014. Through our social media channels and website/blog we are able to engage with our customer in real time whilst they are able to engage with what makes us tick at Musq. The brand has grown and we’ve established a loyal following in Australian and international markets. Our unique selling proposition is that we like to keep things simple; We believe that having beautiful skin shouldn’t be complicated, and are passionate about keeping our skin care products simple, natural and ethical.

What form did the re-brand take in 2014?

In 2014 Musq went through a full on transformation. Our aesthetics totally changed along with our logo and philosophy. Since then our skin care products have also transformed with some of our old products being redeveloped further to new products being released. We also stripped back our makeup side of cosmetics to focus on skincare. The result has been a simplified product range that fits our branding and philosophy; Keep it clean, kind & simple

What type of person does Musq appeal to?

The beauty of Musq that it appeals to all. It is a unisex brand for all ages. In saying that our current target market is more aimed towards women aged between 25-45. It appeals to someone who wants to delve deeper into our brand and are more interested in the meanings behind the messaging, and the key ingredients they need to look for/ look out for.

Which is your best selling skin care product?

Our best selling product in our skincare range is our Face & Body Exfoliant – serious obsession for some. In our makeup range our crème foundation is definitely a go-to for our customer. It is a natural extension of our refined approach to skincare, the Musq Crème Foundation provides a weightless second skin without adding unnecessary chemicals to the face. These two skin care products are also both great for traveling as they wont leak in your bag (bonus). The exfoliant also doubles for both the face and body – great when on and off planes and your skin dries out.

Which skin care products are travel-friendly?

Personally I never travel without the Musq Rosewater Facial Mist. It is great to lightly spritz your face throughout a flight to keep skin hydrated, balanced and refreshed.

Musq Natural Cosmetics Rosewater Mist

Rosewater Mist by Musq

Which is your favorite skin care product and what’s your own beauty regime like?

I love all the Musq products and its seriously to hard to pick a favorite as they are all very personal to me. The products that are constant in my day to day life however are the following:

Every morning and night: I cleanse with the Musq Gel Cleanser. For me no other cleanser works like it! It removes impurities like nothing else – I can never miss this step

After cleanser I lightly spray my face with Musq’s rosewater facial mist and then I follow with our Face Cream Moisturiser. My routine is really that simple!

I also keep the Musq Hand Wash in the shower as it doubles as a body wash and I even shave with it – super handy!

Hand wash by Musq

What inspires you in the creation of your products?

Its Mother Nature. She provides use with the most beautiful ingredients, visuals and ideas. For me I just need to take a walk outside or at the local park and allow nature in, to get my creative streak flowing.

Which ingredients are used?

Each product is developed individually and ingredients come about depending on a products use. Musq products are inspired and derived from the land we live on, and we try to include native Australian ingredients in our products whenever we can.

What challenges did you face growing your business?

Having no formal training in beauty and after dropping out of 5 uni degrees I definitely did not come into this with a wealth of knowledge on how to grow a business. Everyday has new challenges for me and I could not get through them without the amazing team of people I have around me. For me not being afraid to give something a go even if making mistakes is the most valuable lesson. More often than not great new chapters come out mistakes. Just keep going!

Who inspires you in business?

I do find Stella McCartney extremely inspirational. Her ability to create high-end luxury products using vegan materials is outstanding. And the level of quality within her brand is next level. Very inspiring for me and shows that it can be done!

How do you define beauty?

For me I cannot simply define beauty. Beauty is personal. We all feel it in a different way and also view beauty in a different form. To me that’s what’s beautiful. At Musq we just hope we are products that fit today’s hectic lifestyles, allowing women and men to be and look themselves with a little extra confidence.

What’s the philosophy at the heart of your brand?

Keep it clean, kind & simple. We believe healthy, beautiful skin comes from clean living and making conscious choices. Working in harmony with the earth, choosing ethically and taking care of ourselves and our planet is at the heart of everything we do. We stay away from chemicals and we use native Australian botanicals whenever we can.

What do you miss when you are away from home?

My dogs of course. I have two French bulldogs named Basil and Sybil. Sybil is only 5 months old and Basil is 9 years old. I actually got Sybil so Basil would not be lonely when left on his own. It’s hard to leave them but they have so much love when I get home.

What’s next for Musq?

It’s an exciting time at Musq as we are working hard on lots of exciting new projects (stay tuned). This year we are really focusing on wholesale and getting our product to more people in a more personal manner. For us its all about engaging with our customer and building long term relationships, or as we say ‘friendships’.

Musq Product Facts:

  • Are not tested on animals
  • Are vegan and gluten-free
  • Contain CoEnzyme Q10 which is a powerful anti-oxident
  • Are made with organic ingredients

Photography courtesy of Musq