This Global Network Can Grow Your Business

Flock is a global network of entrepreneurs who collaborate and pool their resources to grow their companies

Founded by Emma Sexton and Megan Thomas and Flock Global is a network for entrepreneurs to make friends, share and learn from one another whilst receiving startup advice via sociable meet ups.

These events cover business-related topics such as goal setting, marketing, hiring and investment – to name a few.

Flock Global also organizes productive trade missions to New York City which open doors to members who want to access the US market and make connections across the pond.

To many founders, entrepreneur networks aren’t difficult to come by. But, by consolidating collaboration, non-competition and sharing within its remit, the refreshingly humane and warm ethos of Flock brings something different to the table where feeling lonely in entrepreneurship doesn’t exist.

London-based Flock was launched in 2015 and to date has over 600 entrepreneurs within its network.

Megan Thomas is a co-founder of Flock Global

Our mission is to create a global marketplace based on collaboration, where people value exchange and help over competition.

Here, Megan tells Nativa World about how the Flock team is committed to reframing the business landscape and why she thinks a collaborative mindset is key to business success…

Megan, what does the word ‘Achieve’ mean to you?

It changes almost daily when you have your own business. Everything is about marginal gains and moving forward. In terms of Flock we’re aiming to change the way people do business. This is a big goal which we’re moving towards every day, we want people to understand that there is enough work for all and actually a ‘collaborative’ mindset makes for a better more healthier mindset.

When I was young I used to think achieving was based on money, excitement and excellence. As I’ve grown up and learned a few life lessons, the word is still resonant with my personal and business excellence, but also lifestyle, wellbeing, family. More humanistic things have taken over for me.

What’s your background ?

I started out in PR at a London agency and moved to Sky Art. I then co-founded Full Fat which is the UK’s fastest-growing boutique PR agency with clients in the music, food, arts, literature and gaming sectors. We’re also Europe’s biggest festival agency. I also founded Power Diva which – like Flock – helps empower and facilitate growth, support and collaboration in start-ups.

Where did the idea for Flock Global come from?

A few years ago Emma wanted to do a business trip and a holiday in one. She wanted to see what was out in New York City for her business but didn’t fancy making the jump by herself. She then did what any collaborative person would do and invited six other entrepreneurs (who didn’t really know each other) to go along with her – of which I was one! We all went to New York City feeling rather scared and not knowing what was going to happen. But what transpired was something amazing!

All the entrepreneurs on this trip polled their networks and created what we have later called the ‘Flock Fibonacci Effect’ – IE providing so many more opportunities for their fellow Flockers!

In the end we had a 200 person party, coverage in the Guardian newspaper, new business opportunities and more. It was a huge success. When we got back from New York City, Emma and I thought ‘we’ve got to do something with this’ so we created the Flock we know today which is a network of over 600 entrepreneurs all running their business with collaboration at its center.

Flock Global co-founder, Emma Sexton at a Flock meet up

A lot of our members often tell us how unusual it is to find a group that’s all about action and collaboration

Why do you work well together?

Emma and I are very different but are driven by the same passion. We have a clear vision for what Flock will -and can be – and we’re both committed to getting it there. Emma is the driver and I’m the fixer – a perfect combination.

What’s the mission?

Our mission is to create a global marketplace based on collaboration, where people value exchange and help over competition. Our vision is a marketplace where there’s enough business for all. If you’re a business owner you can join Flock. Joining costs £12.50 a month and which provides access to twelve events throughout the year, as well as bespoke connections, access to our closed online group and opportunities to go on our trade missions to New York City and beyond.

At the moment we’ve got a base in London, but we’re currently recruiting a head of Flock in New York City and other major cities, so get in touch if you would like to get more involved!

What’s the business model?

We’re a membership based business model. People either pay for a year membership or a one off event. We’ve created the business so that people in other cities can franchise it and earn up to £12,000 a year by running it for their network and city. We want Flock to spread so we’ve made it as easy as possible for other people to get involved and make it worth their while – there’s enough room for all!

How do you chose the focus of your events?

We base them on the key things you need to run a business and essentially grow it. These can range from HR skills to pitching skills. We also listen to our members so if they tell us need something then we do our best to provide it!

How does Flock support entrepreneurs?

We get a lot of positive reinforcement from our members. A lot of our members often tell us how unusual it is to find a group that’s all about action and collaboration rather than just being told things! We’ve had members find co-founders, new business and clients, best friends, holiday buddies – everything really!

What are the main challenges for entrepreneurs?

There are challenges every day so in order to manage the continuous stream of them, persistence is key. Another challenge is ‘isolation’. Whether you’re the head of a one person business or a 200 person one, no one else is the ‘fixer’. No one else has to sort everything out all the time – which can be lonely.

A Flock Global meet up event

Business is currently very egocentric, focusing on individual power and economic growth

What inspires you in business?

Finding solutions to problems, I love it! With Flock, we think there’s a real challenge in the current way business is being done. Business is currently very egocentric, focusing on individual power and economic growth rather than social improvement, collaboration and widespread growth.

What do you miss most of all when you’re traveling on business?

My partner Ross, who’s hilarious. He’s very grounded and keeps me happy!

What do you always pack in your suitcase?

I love the Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Hydrating Face Mask by Rodial. It’s an absolute must for me for traveling and is amazing. It’s pretty much all I need to be honest – and an iphone!

Flock Global entrepreneurs at work

Photography courtesy of Flock Global