An innovative fitness class is packing a punch for women on the go in the UK capital

Fitness enthusiasts in London can now join a unique evening workout class which efficiently blends boxing and yoga.

YogaBox launched this summer at the stylish Bermondsey Square Hotel in South London and marries high intensity boxing with restorative yoga during 60 minute classes.

Billed as ‘the Ying and Yang’ of workouts and this revolutionary fitness fusion method may suit time-strapped professional women with an hour to spare at the end of their working day.

Promising them an invigorating  workout – where they can recover and relax at the end – and YogaBox may also appeal to those who prefer classes that combine working on the mind and body.

Workouts are designed to be fun, interesting and meaningful where participants can burn up to 1,000 calories.

YogaBox Bermondsey Square

Strengthening yoga sequences and postures make up the beginning section of each YogaBox session.

These are taught by qualified yoga instructors and can help to align the body and improve co-ordination.

This section is balanced by faster-paced cardio and muscular work and includes high intensity endurance exercises. Punches, stances and boxing techniques are all taught by skilled boxing instructors.

Each class makes a return to yoga at the end which is said to help to restore the joints and stretch out the body. A soothing meditation and final breathing exercise completes the YogaBox experience.

Overall, this new boxing and yoga fusion class is said to promote mindfulness, mental focus, physical strength and perseverance.

YogaBox Fitness Class London

YogaBox was developed by the British professional boxer Chris Baugh and yoga guru Will Wheeler.

Chris, who has spent 21 years in combat sports and remains an undefeated professional fighter first began integrating yoga into his fitness regimen to improve his mobility in the ring.

He says, ‘When I started practicing yoga I realized there was a whole other set of physical needs I’d been neglecting in my own approach, and started using yoga based stretching and postures with my clients.’

Thursday evening classes at Bermondsey Square Hotel are capped at 14, include two instructors and can be booked online.

Two classes are offered each week at 6.15pm and 7.30pm.

YogaBox Class Bermondsey Square London

Bermondsey Square Hotel overlooks Bermondsey Square and the local weekly antique market.

This boutique hotel houses a variety of designer guest rooms and has an ‘At Home’ space for non-hotel guests.

The informal lounge area often becomes home to freelancers, entrepreneurs and students during the day when they use free Wi-Fi and can enjoy complimentary tea and coffee.

Otherwise, various Loft Rooms with rooftop terraces can be booked for meetings and events and offer sweeping views of the city.

Bermondsey Square Hotel London

Photography courtesy of YogaBox and The Bermondsey Square Hotel



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