When Fashion Trends Aren’t Worth Following

Charlotte Allen rejects the idea of fashion trends and produces limited edition clothing

Following fashion trends could become a thing of the past if limited edition clothing brands like Klements continue to gain momentum in voice – and traction in their offerings.

And by providing unusual fashion choices  to women via limited edition clothing that’s made slowly and thoughtfully, British  textile designer Charlotte Allen is also doing her part for ethical fashion.

Worn by the likes of Lady Gaga and sold in luxury stores worldwide and Charlotte’s limited edition clothing brand includes a line of beautiful scarves.

These are often hand drawn using CAD and made using quality silk in Como, Italy.

Klements Medium Scarf in Magma Print

Otherwise Klement’s bespoke selection of pretty, flowing dresses, pants and tops may tempt the fearless, eco-conscious fashionista who doesn’t follow fashion trends.

They are made in the UK by a small, local manufacturer.

Overall, Charlotte’s original and bold designs could be considered as slightly sinister, but the vibrancy and femininity born from each item can only serve to lift a wearer’s mood, to delight and instill positive energy.

Dusk Dress in Floral Explosion Print by Klements

Charlotte, who has a BA in Textile Design and a Masters in Fashion Design has worked for a variety of labels including Paul Smith, Bolongaro Trevor, Matthew Williamson and Vilshenko.

She created her brand in a bid to slow fashion down and strike out against fashion trends with limited edition clothing.

Her prints can take take weeks at a time to produce, and go on to become beautiful, quality scarves  and garments with attention to finish and detail.

Klements designer and founder, Charlotte Allen

‘We aim to make unique pieces in limited edition – so no one else will turn up at the event wearing the same dress as you.’ Charlotte explains.

‘The opposite to fast, disposable fashion or fashion trends!

‘We’re pushing the message of buying so much less, but when you do decide to buy, make it something special that will be a keeper piece that you will be wearing for years to come.

‘Get to know your own style and tastes, don’t chase after naff fashion trends.’

Indeed, Charlotte’s clients are a diverse melange of women who share the desire to push the boundaries, seek autonomy in fashion and dress purely for themselves rather than following fashion trends.

Olympia Magma Print Dress by Klements

‘I think what links the Klements women is eccentricity and intelligence (they have some very intriguing interests, careers and travel expeditions!).

‘They also have a desire to wear something different whilst being passionate about ethical fashion, and a conscience about the world’ Adds Charlotte.

For the female business traveler or the inventive woman entrepreneur who aligns her fashion choices with a sense of freedom, adventure and creativity, wearing a lightweight, silk Klements scarf could be just the ticket.

‘I hand paint the scarves, and many of my print ideas and concepts come from dreams, stories and people I have met.’ Explains Charlotte.

Razor scarf Le Mont Saint Michael print by Klements

‘My favorite is the Le Mont Saint Michael scarf – inspired by a customer I have who lives in Switzerland in the mountains and works in owl and wolf conservation!

‘The print was a dreamed landscape of her world… what was fascinating, whilst I randomly ended up adding in Le Mont Saint Michael in France.

‘I loved the Gothic look to the place, unbeknown to my inspiring customer she was actually there visiting and we discovered this later!’

Medium scarf in floral Le Mont Saint Michael print by Klements

For the future, developments for Charlotte include producing a small homeware range – such as cushion covers.

‘In the meantime, our AW18 collection has incorporated sweatshirts and other pieces which has broadened the collection.’ She says.

‘This isn’t just print alone.

‘These items will be available to buy in August.’

Photography courtesy of Klements & Charlotte Allen