Seafood restaurant, Le Divellec has reopened as ‘Divellec’ and has introduced a modern menu

For dining in Paris, businesswomen many enjoy a healthy, light meal at a seafood restaurant located on the Left Bank in Paris at 18 Rue Faubert.

Divellec opened its doors this fall following an extensive renovation.

In line with the emergence of plenty of new offerings for dining in Paris, Divellec successfully embraces the energetic spirit of the local neighborhood with warmth, style and elegance.

Divellec Paris Restaurant Exterior

And whilst this venue offers clientele an avant-garde and fashionable dining experience in the French capital, it also maintains the history of the original restaurant.

Le Divellec was first opened in 1983 in Paris by the fisherman and chef, Jacques Le Divellec.

At the time his restaurant -which overlooked the Esplanade des Invalides -drew in the political elite including the likes of the Clintons, the Chiracs, the Sarkozys and Francois Mitterand.

Today and with it’s slightly altered name, the new team here includes Isabelle Saglio, Phillippe Grach and Mathieu Pacaud (Hexagone and Histoires).

The current decor is by Studio KO and creates a young, progressive atmosphere but that harks back to an opulent and glamorous past era.

Velvet banquettes and booths, an eye-catching pink marble bar and private salons with woolen carpets and parquet floors offer new surroundings that also remind of the preceding seafood restaurant.

Divellec Interior Top Restaurant

Entrance to Divellec is via a foyer type vestibule where a rich, mustard-colored sofa greets clientele.

Otherwise a spacious interior seats 80 and offers views of a lush green winter garden to the left.

20 diners can also be seated on an outside terrace.

The menu at Divellec has been designed by Mathieu Pacaud and his father Bernard who have creatively fused traditional and urban cuisine.

This seafood restaurant has a focus on using the freshest of foods.

Mathieu Pacaud Chef Divellec

Shellfish, oyster and caviar are served either as they are, or in a modern creation with vegetables which come from the Domaine de Murtoli in Corsica.

Starters include Carpaccio and Cerviche and entrees include Sancerre soaked crayfish and red tuna Pastilla.

Each catch of the day is sourced from local markets, are either poached, roasted or cooked a la meuniere and are accompanied by sauces.

Divellec French Rstaurant Paris

The seafood restaurant Divellec is open daily from 12.30 pm until midnight.

Divellec is open from 8 am for breakfast.

Divellec French Cuisine Paris

Photography courtesy of Divellec

Environment photography by Yann Deret
Mathieu Pacaud’s Portrait by Stephane de Bourgies
Food photography by Philippe Vaudes



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