This Digital Detox Will Help Clear Your Mind

Enjoy a digital detox at the Spa at Mandarin Oriental and clear your mind before traveling home

A ‘digital detox’ involves taking a break from technology by disconnecting from devices such as laptops, Ipads and smartphones for a period of time to combat the negative affects of overusing them.

Its purpose is to enjoy peaceful, tech-free time clearing the mind, to de-stress or spend quality time socializing or interacting in the real world

Whether it’s a 24 hour ‘digital fast’, or a few hours spent without electronics, the benefits of doing a digital detox are said to be wide.

Digital detoxes are said to help restore the ability to focus and concentrate, as well as promote relaxation, improve sleep patterns and eating habits.

Studies have revealed that using technology too much during the day may contribute to stress, with some research showing that people sleep with their devices next to their beds at night because they’re unable to ‘switch off’.

The bright lights from screens may also lead to eye strain and headaches. An increase in hunger and a reduction in quality sleep may occur as levels of the hormones Ghrelin and Melatonin are affected.

Otherwise, an increase in phone use could lead to neck and back problems as people hunch over their tablets and laptops and may even tilt their heads for long periods talking on their smartphones.

A 2016 Nielsen Company study showed that the average American spends almost half a day looking at a screen, whilst Flurry data  revealed that the average American adult consumer spends 5 hours a day using mobile apps and devices.

Businesswomen who want -and perhaps need – to stay connected may also be sacrificing their health by spending increasing amounts of time plugged into their electronic devices when they’re on-the-go.

Whether they’re scrolling through emails as they move around, reading texts from family and colleagues, listening to voicemails or trying to stay abreast with work or the news, their health could be impacted.

Those who use their devices when they’re traveling may also be at greater risk – especially with the rise of smarter travel and the advent of the time-saving mobile app.

And, just as working life and business travel are becoming much more efficient, the habit of being (and of staying) connected 24/7 may be further damaging her health.

In this way a digital detox may be helpful.

In 2016, Mandarin Oriental launched a useful ‘Digital Detox Initiative’ at their luxury spas around the world.

This launch came in a bid to provide their guests with bespoke programs to help them de-stress by having them disconnect from their devices during downtime at any of the brand’s hotels or spas.

The lobby area at the Spa at Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Since then, their Digital Detox Initiative has included ‘Digital Wellness Escapes’ and ‘Digital Wellness Retreats’.

These programs continue to help individuals detach themselves from their phones, Ipads and laptops and spend quiet, digital-free time in the tranquil environment of their luxury spas.

Businesswomen who travel frequent can book their digital detox after a busy week working and clear their minds fully before they head home.

Mandarin Oriental spa guests who opt for a digital detox  can book any spa treatment they chose and receive wellness advice and tips surrounding their use of technology and their relationship with it.

The pool at Mandarin Oriental Paris

They can also take up activities designed to support their detox and help them escape their tech heavy lifestyles.

Originally this hotel brand collaborated with the Mayo Clinic to devise tips and guidelines to help guests understand their digital limits, re-balance their lives and clear their minds naturally.

On arrival at a Mandarin Oriental spa the digital detox begins when guests are asked to hand over their devices.

They can then choose from a selection of calming mindfulness activities which they can enjoy in complete silence in one of the spa’s treatment rooms.

The Guerlain Spa Suite at the Spa at Mandarin Oriental Paris

Activities include journaling, writing, coloring, meditation with pillows or relaxing wearing eye masks. They can then collect their devices at the end which will be wrapped in a protective phone sleeping bag.

The ‘Digital Wellness Escape’ is available at the Mandarin Oriental New York and Paris for example, and lasts for a longer amount of time.

Amethyst crystal steam room at the Spa at Mandarin Oriental New York

These one-hour 20 minute sessions comprise of calming relaxation treatments in aromatic baths together with neck, shoulder, hands, feet and head massages.

In Las Vegas this hotel brand has also introduced a ‘Digital Wellness Escape Package’ whereby devices are given up on arrival, guests follow a digital wellness tip sheet and have Himalayan salt lamps in their rooms.

Digital Wellness Retreat packages are available at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo which include a stay at the hotel and dining in their Michelin-starred restaurants.

A treatment at the Spa at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

There are also half-day digital retreats at various Mandarin Oriental hotel spas across the world.

Jeremy McCarthy, who is the Group Director of Spa and Wellness at Mandarin Oriental said, ‘Technology has brought us many great advances, but the expectations for instant communication and the increasing pace of change in the world can have a negative impact on our wellbeing.’

The vitality pool at the Spa at Mandarin Oriental London

‘The spa is one of the few places left in modern society where it is acceptable and even encouraged to disconnect from technology,’ added McCarthy.

‘The Spas at Mandarin Oriental provide a perfect haven for people to escape from technology, even if only briefly, to rest their minds and reconnect with themselves.’

Photography courtesy of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group