Designer Handbags You’ll Love Traveling With

Feel comfortable bringing your favorite designer handbag on your next business trip

Female business travelers often leave their designer handbags at home when they travel abroad.

This could be because they want to keep them in mint condition, they fear losing their favorite accessories en route, or they might not want to draw attention to any eye-catching, luxury accessories in a work or business environment.

Many women travelers might however prefer to have their favorite accessories alongside them whenever they’re away from home working.

This could be to infuse extra style into their neutral mix and match travel outfits, or to help them feel happy, at home and more like themselves en route.

Lo Progeny is a bag company in Canada offering luxury designer handbags to modern women whilst speaking directly to the female business traveler.

And just as the overall appeal of this brand lies in that Lo Progeny bags are inspired by the people who wear them, these designer handbags have been created to make traveling easier – without compromising style.

Founders, Iris Lo and Demi Lo introduced their luxury handbags to the Canadian accessory marketplace last year. They have since released three contemporary designs with a focus on quality construction using first-class raw materials.

All three Lo Progeny handbags hit the spot for the female business traveler and are timeless, understated, chic and functional. They can be worn by night or by day on any business trip and are durable enough to withstand any bumps and knocks along the way.

Above all, the Accordion, Studs and Wingtip handbags ooze class and style and come in a fairly neutral color palette with interesting two and tri- tone options.

Wingtip Brown Two-Tone

The Wingtip is sleek and easy to wear with a simple top handle and a clean magnetic closure made of custom gunmetal hardware.

This designer handbag is lightweight enough for travel and can be thrown over the shoulder which frees up the hands. A detachable strap also affords the wearer the choice of alternating the handbag between an evening clutch and a daytime bag.

The Wingtip is also roomy inside with a padded inner compartment. This works well for storing valuables and important tech gadgets or devices.

The bag comes in brown and green two-tones, as well as a pretty grey tri-tone.

Accordion Tan Solo

Lo Progeny’s most popular handbag is said to be the Accordion which also has a foam padded back compartment. This area is measured to fit an iPad Mini, other tablets and e-readers.

‘There’s also a cardholder in all three handbag styles, which is handy for hotel room keys, public transit passes and business cards.’ explains Demi Lo.

‘Most of the time we use the cardholder for our credit cards too, so we don’t need to carry our heavy wallet around.’ she adds.

An eye-catching chain strap on the Accordion features a unique toggle clasp. This allows an easy strap switch, making it a great day-to-night bag for any business trip.

A bespoke, comfortable Nylon Webbing Strap made from soft material can also be added to help with unwanted slipping.

Iris explains, ‘The chain strap gives the Accordion a more polished look and is suitable for a fancy night out.

‘A lighter strap is more convenient and comfortable to carry throughout the day which is perfect for travelers who don’t want to pack multiple bags but have a wide range of activities they want to cover.

‘The strap of the Wingtip also has a shoulder pad to help distribute the weight and make carrying it more comfortable.

‘Our Nylon Webbing Strap is actually our most popular accessory because it can be adjusted to any length and the weave of the strap adds a “grip” so it doesn’t slip off the shoulder easily.’

The Accordion is available in tan, grained black, black duo and an easy to wear, navy two-tone.

The Lo Progeny Studs handbag is slightly more edgy in look and style.

This bag comes in black trio, bronze tri-tone, burgundy two-tone and grained black.

Studs Burgundy Two-Tone

Photography courtesy of Lo Progeny

You can read more about Lo Progeny and its founders – Demi and Iris Lo- later this month in our Achieve section.