Tips for a Healthy Life From a Health Coach

Finding health and happiness with one of London’s sought-after health coaches…

Louise Ramsden is a certified holistic health coach who is passionate about transforming the lives of women, essentially from within.

Based in London and Louise focuses on truthful self-awareness, mindfulness and self development via cutting edge and nourishing techniques. She also teaches yoga and is a nutrition coach.

Helping women understand how and why the food that they eat, their lifestyle behavioral patterns and their personal health are essentially interconnected, as a health coach, Louise strives to foster change in her clients so that they can begin to enjoy better, happier and healthy lives.

Certified health coach Louise Ramsden

‘Many people have forgotten how to listen deeply to their internal compass and the subtle messages that the body is delivering.’ Louise Ramsden, Wellness Coach and Certified Holistic Health Coach

Here Louise tells Nativa World about her successful methods and gives her tips to ensure a relaxed and healthy life and business trip to London….

Louise, what does the word, ‘Enrich’ mean to you?

A transformation from OK to fabulous!

Describe your wellness industry journey?

I grew up in a family of medical practitioners and I assumed that treating illness with pharmaceutical drugs was the best way to recover. When my father died of cancer I started to inquire into my own health, which at 30 years old was far from perfect. I trained in yoga, nutrition and juice-fasting and cured my vomiting, migraines, digestive disorders and menstrual problems with alternative medicine and through changing my diet and lifestyle. I became a coach in order to share my expertise, but also to deepen my understanding of how a healthy mind-state is essential for a healthy body and an enjoyable life experience.

What are your specialities as a Wellness Coach?

I’m a great listener and am able to sift through what a client is saying as well as what they are not saying to determine their truth. I believe everyone has an inner wisdom that guides them along their correct path, however many people have forgotten how to listen deeply to their internal compass and the subtle messages that the body is delivering. I support you being able to listen to yourself so that you are able to have clarity of thought and confidence in yourself.

I specialize in relationships to self and others. I support clients through illness and in improving their health. I support them in finding clarity by optimizing their state of mind helping them to be aware of thoughts that may sabotage their self-esteem or self confidence. Overall, I facilitate a client to create their best life now.

What services do you offer in London?

I’m a transformational and certified holistic health coach offering personal and group coaching. I’m also a wellness coach offering personal coaching, nutrition, detoxification and healthy eating sessions. I’m a yoga teacher offering personal and group sessions in Hatha Flow, Yin/Restorative and Pregnancy Yoga and I’m a meditation teacher offering meditation and mindfulness personal and group sessions.

What does the process involve when a client comes to work with you?

We generally have a chat on the phone or Skype so that we can decide if we are a good match. I listen to what the client wants to achieve and advise them of the service that would be most applicable to them. An initial coaching session involves writing down a coaching cycle agreement. This defines what a client wants to create and by when. I check that they are fully motivated and ensure that their goals are something they are confident they could achieve. Following sessions link back to this agreement until all goals are complete.

Louise Ramsden is a Certified Holistic Health Coach

What are the main issues that female clients come to you with?

Female clients often present with personal challenges that they are not able to resolve. These can cause them to feel victimized, overwhelmed, tired and anxious. I encourage them to create a more loving way to relate to themselves and develop what I call their ‘grounding’ so that whatever challenges they are facing they feel strong and resilient internally to cope with whatever life presents.

What are the body benefits of your method?

Coaching creates clarity of mind, which creates high energy and an overall feeling of wellbeing and calm. The use of breath and asanas in yoga improves circulation and strengthens the immune system, creating a more resilient stress free body and a quieter mind. In meditation, freeing the mind from mental chatter relaxes the physical body, allowing for greater presence and a sense of embodiment (IE feeling connected to ones inner self) With a personal nutrition plan and eating mindfully, the correct food in the correct proportions facilitates digestion. This creates a consistent energy flow, balanced moods and maximizes vitality, keeping the body free of disease.

What are the overall benefits of your method?

Clarity and peace of mind, greater resilience, higher self-esteem and confidence, more presence and connection to self and others.

How does maintaining looks work in tandem with feeling good?

The end goal of every client I work with is to feel good. This can be created externally through a new hair-style or outfit and if that works for you, then go for it. However in my experience feeling good is primarily a state of mind and if you feel good about yourself in all circumstances including a bad hair day, your natural beauty shines through.

What’s next for you and your business?

I am working with more clients through Skype which allows me to interact with a wider audience of international clients and it’s great also for those with limited time. I am in the process of writing a nutrition and cookery book and within the next 6 months I shall be launching an online coaching course called ‘Clarity and Vitality, Transform your Health from the Inside Out.’

Louise’s Travel Tips:

  • Be aware of how you are feeling. If you don’t feel good, do something about it and make your health a priority. This may simply involve having an early night, drinking more water or finding support such as a coach, massage therapist or yoga class.
  • Notice any thoughts that do not serve you or undermine your confidence. How you feel is primarily a result of what you are thinking. You don’t open spam or junk mail even though it is addressed to you so in the same way, try not to give unsupportive thoughts any attention.
  • Find out in advance where you can buy healthy food in the area of your business. Often food in business meetings lacks nutrients so eat the minimum and get to a juice bar in your breaks or make sure you have some fruit and almonds to nibble on. Choose water over coffee to keep your energy levels stable.
  • Prevent jet lag by setting your clock to the new time as soon as you get on the plane and try to adjust your eating and sleeping to the new time as soon as possible. Drinks lots of water and as soon as you can after arriving do some gentle stretching. There are plenty of online yoga classes now available for inspiration.
  • Even if you have a busy schedule, prioritize a period of time every day just for you. Meditation is wonderful for creating greater awareness and letting go of unnecessary thoughts. However a relaxing stroll in one of London’s parks or a long bath with essential oils can be just as therapeutic for relaxing the soul.

Louise’s Products For A Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Fushi organic virgin shea butter which is great for dry skin.
  • Probiotics: Friendly bacteria support the digestive system to acclimatize to new foods, airplane food, business lunches that may lack nutrients and alcohol. Elixa do a 3 day high bacteria formula.
  • Diatompure diatoms earth: This is a fantastic product to keep handy if you’ve had a night out or eaten some bad food. It gets rid of bacteria and is rich in minerals including silica which strengthens hair and nails. Make sure you buy human grade.
  • Tulsi tea with rose is great for reducing stress and supporting the immune system. Organic India do a great one.
  • Vitamin C. I always eat fresh food rather than taking lots of vitamins. However I do find 1000mg a day boosts the immune system and keeps colds away. If I do feel a cold coming on, I’ll increase that to 1000mg three times a day. Take it in its purest state as powder. I take Biocare’s Vitamin C powder.

Louise Ramsden doing yoga

Photography courtesy of Louise Ramsden