How Mobile Hairdressers Can Save You Time

Get quality hairstyles and blowouts by booking a mobile hairdresser to come to your hotel

Dry on the Fly’ is a mobile app which delivers mobile hairdressers to people’s doorsteps in minutes, saving them time and also money.

Currently operating in New York City and this app has been conceived by the blow-dry brand, Drybar.

‘Dry on the Fly’ works by satellite powers where Drybar’s personal hair stylists can find clients and head over to their homes, offices, gyms or hotels armed with Drybar tools and products ready to provide $75 blowouts and hairstyles.

In line with the fast-paced, 24/7 lifestyle experienced by many businesswomen in New York City, this blow-dry brand has got it right.

Drybar’s app, couldn’t be a better move for the company whose motto is ‘No cuts, No color, Just blowouts.’

By offering clients professional mobile hair styling services this greatly reduces time spent at hair appointments and in hair salons during the day.

It can also alleviate any frustration women may feel whenever they can’t secure a hair appointment in the day.

Clients can book a mobile hairdresser with the tap of a button on their smartphone, with the appointment booked and paid for directly through the app.

They’re also able to track the ETA of their stylist on a map.

Dry On The Fly app screenshots

For clients who prefer to have their hair styled (or who need a particular type of hair blow dry) on-site in a hair salon, they can continue to relish the message of the brand inside any of their top hair salons.

Here the notion of being in a ‘bar’ progresses right through each venue.

Founded in 2008 and Drybar is the Californian-based hair salon chain that focuses on delivering blow dry’s in a fun way. In fact, the concept has been turning heads in the United States since the companies inception.

The exterior of Drybar In New York City

Drybar cashiers are called  ‘bartenders’ and hairstyles available by their professional hair stylists on the Drybar menu are named after cocktails such as Mai Tai or Cosmopolitan. Even their seating plan befits that of sitting at a real bar.

The brands signature beverage-themed blowouts can now be  enjoyed by women in over 30 locations across the United States.

These include Texas, California, New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Arizona with their Manhattan location.

Clients can also enjoy ‘hair shots’ where professional hair stylists revive dry and tired looking hair.

Drybar salon interior In Manhattan

Professional hair stylist and Founder, Ali Webb has also developed and launched a line of hair brushes and hairsprays.

She’s said to be a big believer in women coming into her bars, getting their hair done and leaving with beautiful hair and a smile on their faces at the same time.

Professional hair stylist and Drybar founder Alli Webb

The idea for her hair styling business stemmed from her own mobile blowout venture called Straight-At-Home when she was visiting clients and doing their hair all over Los Angeles.

Today, Drybar has over 43 hair salon locations and more than 3,000 hair stylists across the United States.

For the Dry on the Fly app there are over 500 experienced hair stylists at the ready in Manhattan.

Favorite clients of Drybar include Emma Roberts, Zooey Deshcanel and Renee Zellweger.

Drybar hair styling products

The company has further hair salon openings set for the future including London and Toronto.

For now though, New York City may have some of the best mobile hairdresser services in the United States.

Photography courtesy of Drybar