The Best Travel Necessities for Amazing Hair

A luxury hair care and styling system can bring out the best in your hair whenever you travel

Delivering everyday beauty and high-fashion hair performance to women on the go and an intimate line of hair care products has been released by the hair stylist and style maker, Pearson Knight.

Following several years of extensive development and testing, PK by Pearson Knight comes to life and is for the most part geared towards effortlessly creating naturally beautiful hair.

This innovative brand speaks to women who are free-spirited, confident and creative. The easy-to use and time saving products can also serve as travel necessities for professional women who lead busy lives.

Deriving from Pearson’s enthusiasm for raw, natural beauty and his four debut hair care products also mirror his nomadic lifestyle, organic sense of adventure and set of honest values.

Here, Aveda-trained Pearson who is famed for his textured, sculptured and drama-filled runway hair styles tells Nativa World about his product line and offers hair tips for maintaining beautiful hair on the go….

Pearson, what’s your definition of beautiful hair?

I love big sexy Victoria Secret hair and that will always be classic and beautiful to me. I also LOVE intricate short shapes and different textures. However the main definition of beautiful hair for me is healthy hair that’s a reflection of the persons style and beauty, always. Nothing is better than a healthy, confident hairstyle!

What inspired you to create PK by Pearson Knight?

The inspiration for my product line is based on my experiences and passions, both personal and professional. I love natural beauty and the beauty we humans create. I’m also passionate about art. Hair is not only an art form for the stylist, but a form of personal artistic expression for the client. I’ve always loved style. In all, it’s a collection of experiences of doing hair and from growing up in a surf, skateboard, and bike culture – all of those require natural beautiful landscapes mixed with personal style and expression and that’s the reflection of me.

Straight Shine blowout lotion gives you the perfect blowout look by applying into hands and distributing evenly through damp hair and then blow drying. You can add Beach Grit for more volume and response with your blow dry 

What’s special about your products?

All of the products are special from aroma (fresh, clean, with a hint of vacation) to the performance (high performance and weightless hold). The ingredients that are in all of my products were just as important to me as the ingredients that I did not want in the formulas. My products contain ingredients such as Aloe, Vitamin B, Vitamin E and flower extracts while also using zero harsh chemicals and almost zero alcohol. It’s a carefully formulated line that’s both safe and high performing.

How did you name each product?

I’ve named each product using two descriptive words. One word is a texture or terminology for the process of creating art and the other word is derived from natural beauty.

Which is the most popular?

All of them seem to be favorites but the most in demand are Straight Shine and Beach Grit.

Beach Grit volume & texture spray allows you to enhance natural waves by misting damp or dry hair from the root to tip and pairs with Straight Shine for the perfect blowout 

How do you want women to look and feel when they use PK by Pearson Knight?

I see natural beauty, confidence, personal expression, and uniqueness. I love the ability to bring out the best in women by creating beautiful hair with the products! Feel beautiful. Look amazing!

How would your products benefit businesswomen who travel?

I travel a lot doing hair and get inspired from the architecture, food, music and culture in each city or country. I can only assume that the traveling woman who wants to look her best does as well. The products are easy to use and have lasting performance which may simplify the time given for personal beauty routines on the road.

Texture Mud tame and texture pomade helps you achieve effortless texture by applying into palms and working through damp or dry hair to define and shape. Its good for skipping the shower and heading straight out and pairs with Sculpture Foam for stronger shaping and hold

What’s next for Pearson Knight as a brand?

I believe in the growth and integrity of the brand and the future. I would say to focus on the next products, building a team, and lots of hair creation (salon clientele and editorial) around the world. Basically I want to keep on target with the brand’s identity of inspiring, getting inspired, traveling and creating!

Pearson’s Tips for Hair Care on the Go:

  • Bring your own travel size shampoo and conditioner you trust. Even though some hotels have nice products don’t rely on rolling the dice
  • Bring your own styling tools. Again, don’t rely on hotel blow dryers or flat irons as they may not be professional performance
  • Plan your attack: If you are going to wash every day, plan your wash and styling time to be split. Wash and blow dry before bed and refresh style or lightly touch up in the morning. This will cut down on your beauty routine
  • Plan your attack: If you are one to wash every 3rd day then have 3 working styles to work in order. Such as blow dry and straighten day 1. Add some curls and texture day 2. Put hair in a bun or ponytail for day 3. This will give variety and freshness to your hair without starting from scratch everyday
  • Let your professional hairstylist know your lifestyle so he/she can give you beautiful but manageable hair for your life and travel! Look beautiful, feel amazing

Sculpture Foam gives weightless definition, volume + strong hold and creates natural curly hair looks. It’s good for keeping high fashion looks under control and pairs with Straight Shine for a voluminous blowout.


You can purchase PK by Pearson Knight via the Pearson Knight website.

Photography courtesy of Pearson Knight