Beauty and Wellness Salons at Your Fingertips

How to find a suitable beauty and wellness salon near you on your business trip

Female business travelers can now experience beauty and wellness services wherever they are in the world – and they can secure local salon appointments at a moments notice.

Via a digital platform called Vaniday, businesswomen traveling to Singapore, Dubai and Sydney can book their beauty and wellness services with a tap of a button and request appointments be held at their hotels.

Vaniday launched in Brazil in 2015 and comprises of a website, app and phone hotline service.

Today women using Vaniday can find the best salons, feel inspired by new local salon openings and book their appointments quickly and at their leisure.

Beauty and wellness professionals can also be connected with new customers throughout the world.

A woman getting her hair styled

Whether users need to source a particular salon, a specific wellness service, a favorite beautician or wish to try out a new or recommended local manicurist, they can find whatever they need on their smartphones with ease.

Clients can also look for dedicated professionals by cost, location or ratings – which means they would be  making fully informed decisions before booking their required service.

The Vaniday app has useful features such as filters, confirmation and information sections, as well as a choice of salon services.

The beauty and wellness inventory hosted on Vaniday includes spa massages, microdermabrasion, hair styling and coloring, last minute express manicures, foot scrubs and local yoga classes.

A woman using the Vaniday app to book a beauty appointment

Users can book appointments at any time of the day or night and they can pay securely online.

Nearby salons are located quickly by means of a technology advanced GPS feature, whilst users can feel organized by viewing their appointment reminders and appointment history. They can also plan ahead by searching for their chosen salon’s availability.

The Vaniday portal includes many features and benefits for salons themselves. Beauty and wellness service providers can manage their own listings and improve or streamline customer acquisition.

Featured salons can use tools to showcase and promote their businesses online, build their brands and connect with new and existing clients across the world.

A woman using the Vaniday app whilst having her nails manicured

Vaniday set out with a mission to reshape and streamline how people book their beauty and wellness appointments. This tech lifestyle product is already serving users seeking convenient and quality beauty and wellness services in six countries –  Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, the UAE and Russia.

Vaniday is the brainchild of ex investment banker Alex Mayer and Maxine Legardez who is a tech startup guru with a background in finance and private equity. Their product was for the most part financed by Rocket Investors, which is a cutting- edge internet platform.

Rocket Investors has built other leading beauty and lifestyle companies such as Westwing and Foodpanda and helps people use their smartphones to get what they need anywhere and at anytime, whilst offering them the best user experience.

How to book quality beauty and wellness services via Vaniday in three simple steps:

  • Discover: Effortlessly search for beauty appointments in the area and get information and inspiration using filters to find what you need
  • Book: Choose a service and book the appointment directly from the salon’s calendar and get an instant confirmation
  • Enjoy: Get the best beauty and wellness experience which is guaranteed to be stress-free via appointment reminders and ease of use.

A woman searching for beauty and wellness services on the Vaniday app

Vaniday launched in Australia under the helm of co-founder and MD of Vaniday Australia, Alex Meyer who is featured in our Interviews section.

Photography courtesy of Vaniday