Beautiful and Lightweight Flats for Travel

Wear lightweight flats that stylish and comfortable  for travel

Businesswomen searching for fashionable and comfortable shoes for travel need look no further than the British footwear brand – Duke & Dexter.

And just as Duke & Dexter has helped to revolutionize the concept of the modest slipper, this innovative fashion company provides handcrafted slip-ons and lightweight flats that can be transitioned between travel, work and play.

Affordability without compromising quality and comfort is also key to Duke & Dexter’s global popularity.

A woman crossing a road wearing Duke & Dexter shoes

To-date, this footwear label has sold shoes in more than 70 countries.

Duke & Dexter has also attracted celebrity devotees from across the world, including Eddie Redmayne (who wore Duke & Dexter slip-ons to collect his 2015 Oscar), Poppy Delevingne, Tinie Tempah and the Royal Family of Kuwait.

Last December also saw Duke & Dexter launch a  collection at the Liberty store in London after joining forces with the international fashion house, Kurt Geiger.

Recently, the brands latest style, the camouflage-print Storm Trooper is via a collaboration with the model Tyson Beckford and offers a perfect shoe for travel.

These modern slip ons come in an array of colors, plus there’s a choice of styles which also provide further options to businesswomen who prefer comfortable shoes for travel.

The brand’s Plain & Quilted Collection is incorporated into Duke & Dexter’s women’s collection and includes all the latest seasonal styles and colors.

Blissful Black, Graceful Grey and Tantalizing Turquoise are a few of the shades available, whilst each pair is easy to wear and can be dressed up or down.

The slip-ons are also lightweight and are said to be simple to pack.

Duke & Dexter shoes are handcrafted in Europe and combine a meaningful blend of British Heritage with interesting global inspirations.

A woman sitting on front door steps wearing Duke & Dexter shoes

Transitioning the ultimate concept of the velvet slipper to something for everyday use was initiated in 2013 by the company’s 21 year-old Founder Archie Hewlett.

Archie gave up his place at Durham University to follow his fashion design dream and to make it as a successful entrepreneur and launch a shoe brand.

His unique shoes are individually designed, with many incorporating his brand’s signature short, non-shiny brush velvet.

Others are handmade from canvas, linen or quilt and needlepoint, whilst some have cotton-quilted soft taupe linings for added comfort and which mould to the wearers foot shape as they walk.

The brand’s interesting Camo Collection comes in Mediterranean, Sahara and Classic colors and is available for both women and for men.

Made from linen and these casual slip-ons have a smart black trim to make them more distinctive, as well as a soft leather lining.

A couple wearing Duke & Dexter shoes standing on steps

Otherwise, the women’s Motif Collection is slightly more unique and provides interesting alternatives with bolder colors such as the Daschund Blue style.

This slip on shoe has a defined and clean motif of a daschund embossed on the brand’s signature brush velvet.

The Motif Collection’s Little Vixen Red shoe has a foxy face designed on the front and is finished off with a navy blue trim set on a red crimson matt velvet.

Both of these motifs have been inspired by popular London culture.

Duke & Dexter bestsellers include shoes from their Limited Edition Collection.

The striking Zoic Zebra style has been designed using a canvas-linen material where the shoes are embossed with a stylish and eye-catching zebra print. This shoe is also finished with a comfortable padded, navy quilt-lining.

Otherwise, the Let’s Leopard slip on shoes are finely made with pony hair and the popular Star Struck shoe comes in a fresh, deep navy blue velvet. These distinctive shoes also have pretty silver stars embroidered into the soft fabric.

A woman wearing Duke & Dexter shoes sitting on a wall

Did you know…..
  • The first slippers were worn in 12th Century Vietnam and was a symbol of captivity
  • The word ‘slipper’ was first recorded in English in 1478
  • The word was derived from the verb to ‘slip’
  • The most expensive pair of slippers in the world cost $ 660,000 and was worn by Judy Garland in the original Wizard of Oz movie. They were sold for $2 million in May 2012
  • In 2007, Derek “The Slipper Man” secured the Guinness World Record for wearing a pair of slippers for 23 years

Photography courtesy of Duke & Dexter