These Bangles Keep You Hydrated on the Go

Bangles made from stainless steel will remind you to drink eight glasses of water each day

A unique line of bangles and stainless steel jewelry is helping people to drink eight glasses of water each day and to incorporate this healthy habit into their daily lives.

Hydrating the body and skin by drinking enough water has always been essential for overall health and wellbeing and is said to:

  • Bring moisture to the skin, giving it greater elasticity and shine
  • Rejuvenate skin tissue and improve dark circles under the eyes
  • Prevent breakouts and acne
  • Spark weight loss
  • Help muscle maintenance and recovery
  • Encourage natural detox
  • Lower stress hormones
  • Fight fatigue
  • Reduce cravings, diminish brain fog and depression.

But for business travelers this essential habit can often become neglected because of busy or unfamiliar travel schedules, tiredness and jet lag.

Staying hydrated en route is critical and especially during air travel when low moisture levels, toxins and dry, contaminated plane air can wreak havoc with the skin, body and immune system.

Jet lag can also increase the negative effects of dehydration which can include headaches, tiredness, dry skin and constipation – to name a few.

Wear Your Wellness is a thoughtful accessory and wellness brand offering bangles, engraved bracelets, drinking glasses and stainless steel jewelry to support personal health goals and promote water consumption.

Stainless steel bangles by Wear Your Wellness

By Certified Health Coaches, Deanna Durso and MaryAnn Jones and their signature offering is eight Thrive Wellness Bangles.

This solid stainless steel jewelry serves as a mindful reminder to drink 8 glasses of water per day and works as a helpful and stylish accessory for any business traveler.

Wear Your Wellness Founders, Deanna Durso and MaryAnn Jones

‘Thrive Wellness Bangles enable you to wear your wellness and empower your daily choices toward your personal goals.’ Explains Deanna.

‘We believe that infinite possibilities all start with the simple act of drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

‘As health coaches we’ve seen miracles happen when people drink more water and less of whatever else they drinking.’

Each bangle has a different and meaningful word engraved on it.

Wear Your Wellness bangles

When the wearer takes a sip of water and moves their bangle from one wrist to the other, keywords including Thrive, Hydrate, Revive, Inspire, Value, Infinite, Nourish and Grateful will empower them to #wearyourwellness and thrive.

‘During one of our wellness workshops, as we were inspiring women to hydrate, it occurred to us how much more fun it would be to count your glasses of water with sparkly bangles rather than using an APP or journal.’ Says MaryAnn.

‘Moving the bangles from one wrist to the other would keep women mindfully engaged in their wellness efforts.

‘Our brand was born—Wear Your Wellness.’

Wear Your Wellness bangles remind people to drink 8 glasses of water per day

As well as wearing the eight bangles, people can join the periodic 8-day Water Challenges that Wear Your Wellness organizes.

The brand provides attendees with everything they need including a shopping list, fruity water recipes, tips and inspiration.

Photography courtesy of Wear Your Wellness