Backpacks You Definitely Need to Travel With

Backpacks by Haerfest are a popular accessory choice for New York’s entrepreneurs

Backpacks are often the perfect accessory choice if you’re traveling somewhere for the day for pleasure.

They can be used as carry-on size travel bags if you’re making a return day flight, they pack well and are comfortable and practical to carry around town.

Backpacks are also useful for bringing heavier items with you if you’re out sightseeing during a longer trip abroad.

For the female business traveler however – and specifically the venturing woman entrepreneur – the backpack has rarely factored as her accessory choice for work or travel.

For a business trip, a day of meetings or spending time at the office, businesswomen have more than likely always chosen something else.

Finding quality, fashionable and feminine backpacks that look professional enough for a meeting (or that suit today’s modern work environment) and that are versatile and durable for travel, has often proved difficult.

Enter Haerfest, the New York City-based leather accessory company which is just as progressive in its thinking and ethos as it is in its products and design.

The Haerfest Maya Backpack in Persimmon

Brothers Daniel and Tim Joo have combined their engineering/tech and fashion backgrounds, and after spotting a gap in the accessory market, their mission – to equip and inspire visionary professionals in motion- has successfully come to life.

Their company was founded in 2011 and today, Haerfest backpacks, totes and bags have become a firm favorite for many male and female entrepreneurs who like to sport a casual, modern but professional look and who lead busy lives on the go.

The Eva Tote by Haerfest

The Haerfest Eva Tote

‘When Haerfest started, we saw a significant growth of entrepreneurs, and workwear was evolving from the traditional suit and tie to an elevated/versatile business casual/professional look.’ They explain.

‘Being a part of this movement, we were also looking to upgrade our work bag and backpacks worn during our school days to something more tailored with a professional look that we could seamlessly carry throughout the day.

‘At the time, most backpacks available in the market were either academic or sporty in design.

Haerfest Founders, Daniel and Tim Joo

‘From this need came the opportunity to create a tailored backpack and essential travel item that was not only functional but stylish, something that could seamlessly transition from day to night.

‘We saw an opportunity to re-brand the backpack by transforming a bag style once perceived to be used for school/hiking into a staple accessory that married aesthetically pleasing form with utilitarian function.

‘We believe that good design can also lead to a greater and smarter work-life balance.’

Haerfest (pronounced “harvest” from an Old English variant) is a member of the CFDA Fashion Incubator business development program and the winner of the Design Entrepreneurs NYC Class of 2016 by the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC).

The Eileen Boston Bag by Haerfest

The Haerfest Eileen Boston Bag

As well as drawing off minimalist art in the 1960’s – which was rooted in universally understood principles of form, balance, proportion, color, and texture- the brothers design inspiration  derives from their customers and their individual stories.

‘Our customers are creative problem solvers who take action, have clarity of purpose and the persistence to follow through.’  Tim and Daniel explain.

‘They share compelling stories and inspire others in their community.

‘Mobility is also a key component to creating seamless work/life integration and they’re equipped with a phone, laptop, and bag, enabling freedom of movement to explore and discover new opportunities.’

A pink backpack by Haerfest

The Haerfest Maya Backpack

For businesswomen who travel often, the Haerfest Maya Backpack provides the perfect accessory choice and gives a professional look for any journey she makes and is offered in navy, persimmon, taupe, black and blush.

This backpack is versatile, can be worn on the arm or on the back and transition between day and night.

It’s made from Italian cowhide leather and has gold-tone hardware with magnetic closures and a suede lining. It also comes with a Vija coin pouch.

The Haerfest Maya Backpack and Vija Coin Pouch in Navy

‘As well as our backpacks, our tote bags (Eva Tote and Ray Tall Tote) appeal to businesswomen who travel because of their versatility in the way they can be carried.

‘Our signature branding detail is the ‘Ring and Stud’ which was designed to make the product unique and functional and also features on the Maya Backpack.

‘The single strap system is held together by a ring and stud system, functioning to provide freedom of movement.

The Ray tote

The Haerfest Ray Tote

‘It can be carried by the short handles and has the ability to transition seamlessly to be carried using the longer handles over the shoulder.

‘For something smaller, we also have the convenient and elegant, Jo Saddle Cross Bag which also provides a professional look when needed.’

The Jo Saddle Cross by Haerfest

The Haerfest Jo Saddle Cross

Photography courtesy of Haerfest & Emily Knecht