Always Tired Post-Flight? Try Infrared Saunas

If you’re always tired on arrival in New York City, try an infrared sauna at Premier57

It’s hardly surprising that business travelers are always tired after they’ve touched down in New York and have trekked into Manhattan.

After sitting for hours on a plane, crossing different time zones and making the stop-start taxi journey into the city, it’s a given that this particular home to hotel journey takes its toll on the body and the health.

A luxury spa in the center of Manhattan offers a solution for the weary New York-bound business traveler who wants to recharge, de-stress and get a decent nights sleep ahead of a busy week working.

Premier57 is a luxury day spa with later opening hours that offers some of the best treatments in the city for fatigue, tension, toxins and inflammation.

Luxury spa, Premier57 interior

This cosmopolitan haven has Japanese baths, a Himalayan salt room and a German hydrotherapy pool. But, the selection of saunas and infrared healing treatments is something else.

Over the past year the use of infrared therapy -or infrared saunas – has risen in the United States.

Celebrities in Hollywood have been using them to improve their skin and help with weight loss. Similarly, infrared therapy has become popular in beauty salons and spas across the world.

For the most part, this type of therapy is said to rid the body of toxins much quicker than traditional saunas can. It’s also said to help boost the immune system and promote deeper relaxation.

An infrared sauna uses light to make heat which warms around 20% of the air in the room. The remaining 80% heats the body evenly and gently, which creates an extremely relaxing experience.

The core of the body is also warmed at a lower temperature and with dryer heat which creates deep tissue healing. More toxins are sweated out than in a traditional sauna because the heat reaches cellular levels in the body.

Relaxation spaces Premier57

Infrared sauna treatments at Premier57 are available at different levels – near, middle, and far – with each level working depending on the treatment required by an individual.

There’s also an Infrared Lounge onsite where heaters produce infrared wavelengths that are absorbed into the body and help clear the skin and reduce tiredness.

Infrared Lounge at Premier57

Additionally, every sauna room at this luxury spa has been designed and constructed to help boost any treatments and healing further.  Wall linings are made from natural products which have their own body and health benefits.

The ‘Gold Sauna’ for example might help improve focus and concentration, stimulate the brain and the digestive system.

Gold Sauna at Premier57

Then, the ‘Far Infrared’ room has heaters which convey the infrared light into heat. This is said to help with stiffness in the joints and may suit business travelers who want to clear their minds, skin, pores and nasal passages.

The main sauna at Premier57  is  called ‘Loess Soil’. This has a wall clad in yellow clay which is said to help improve circulation, relieve headaches and detoxify the skin.

Loess Soil at Premier57

Otherwise this 40,000 sq. ft. venue provides the the perfect escape to any busy professional working in the city.

People can spend time here relaxing quietly in the meditation room or the sleeping room – where they can take a quick nap. The meditation room offers the ultimate in calming experiences since the sound of softly cascading water soothes the mind and body.

Water based amenities at Premier57 include a water lounge with heated baths and hydrotherapy spa pools for aqua-massage therapy.

Photography courtesy of Premier57

Premier57 is open from 9am to Midnight

115 E. 57th Street between Lexington and Park Avenue
(212) 750-8800
General Inquiries: