How to Achieve Peak Fitness On The Go

Personal trainer Sam Eastwood helps busy women achieve peak fitness

Get Set Body is a robust digital workout concept helping women reach peak fitness and inspirational online community created by the London-based celebrity trainer, Sam Eastwood.

And with a mission to help women all over the world achieve their ultimate fitness goals, Sam’s quality workout method is showcased in a series of videos which sculpt, strengthen and tone the body quickly and effectively.

Women who join the thriving GetSET community also gain 24 hour access to useful lifestyle tips, nutritious meal plans and can even contact Sam directly with any questions that they may have.

Sam Eastwood Personal Training

Strengthening posture and working out to improve the body’s strength and stamina is absolutely key to a woman’s survival in today’s demanding, hectic world.

Personal trainer and former model Sam, who has trained several Hollywood stars, tells Nativa World about Get Set Body and how she’s helping women reach peak fitness, manage their busy lives and stay motivated…

Sam, what does the word ‘Enrich’ mean to you?

Enrich to me means to improve the value of something whether it’s through adding something beneficial or complimenting something already existing and therefore improving life. An enriching workout would be improving the body, but in a way that improves and enhances your overall wellbeing.

What’s your background in the fitness industry?

I come from a Pilate’s background and was trained by Marie Jose Blom in Los Angeles, CA at LBDC (Long Beach Dance Conditioning). I was taught to watch movement, see imbalances and retrain the body.

What’s your signature style as a personal trainer?

It’s all Pilates based in theory with more dynamic movements to really challenge the body strength and flexibility. As a personal trainer include low weights and high reps for absolute activation. Strengthening the core is the key to everything!

What are the key body benefits of your personal training?

Posture, effortless movement and long, beautiful lean muscles. If you look at the way an actress holds herself in a movie, it’s often strong, confident and gracious. This is usually the result of weeks of prep to ensure they’re ready for the journey – injury free.

How did the ‘Get Set Body’ method come to life and how does it offer women the chance to reach peak fitness?

Get Set Body was designed through necessity. The majority of my clients need to improve their core strength and fitness but they don’t have hours to train and quite frankly they don’t have the patience for intense isolated work. The program is a more structured version of everything we do in the studio but in smaller bite-sized chunks. So whether you have half an hour or 7 minutes, want to work on your legs or blast your abs – it’s all instantly available on your laptop, phone or tablet.

What are the body and mind benefits?

The benefits to the body are endless. Women’s bodies especially find a way of simply carrying on. We really don’t notice the slow change or atrophy until we have an aching knee or lumbar spine pain. The Get Set Body program works your body with “form” building strength AND flexibility, making you more resilient to injury. As to the mind benefits – we all know how incredible we feel after a workout! That rush of endorphins gives us a lovely natural ‘high’ so finding time to exercise daily is incredibly good for body and soul.

Sam Eastwood Fitness Training

Working out actually helps jet lag and keeps the body from getting stiff and ceasing up.

How could female business travelers use Get Set Body when they’re away from home?

It’s all online so it’s incredibly easy. All you need is the space of a yoga mat so a hotel room, hotel gym (which are often tiny) or outdoor space is ideal. The fact that it’s digital gives you the freedom to train whenever you can fit it in. It’s scientifically proven that working out actually helps jet lag and keeps the body from getting stiff and ceasing up.

What issues do most of your female clients have?

Hunched shoulders, soft bellies and weak bottoms are three common issues! The things we can hide but a major posture blocker. Having ‘mummy posture” as I like to call it, working on a laptop and of course stress all add to these issues. I firmly believe that strengthening posture and working out to improve the body’s strength and stamina is absolutely key to a woman’s survival in today’s demanding, hectic world. Get Set Body helps busy woman actually fit training into their schedule.

Which workout session in the Get Set Body method is the most popular and why?

Holy Legulation is a common favorite. I think because it’s a mega leg burner, you feel the body working almost instantly and you certainly feel the workout for a good few days after. It’s a real body changer. Fast paced 7-minute circuits x 4 and a 2-minute cool down to keep the flexibility in the muscles you just fatigued. I love it! No matter how many times I do it, I still sweat hard and curse myself for designing the workout in the first place!!

Sam’s fitness tips for business travel:

  • Move every single day! My workouts can be bespoke based on your schedule so even if you do just 7 minutes, your brain will wake up and so will your body. You’ll feel awake and bright eyed and you’ll actually be able to focus without the fog of that long flight you just took. Working out is better than a cup of coffee.
  • If you’re on a plane, get up and walk around as much as possible. Get the juices flowing so you don’t end up with muscle strain.
  • Take the stairs whenever you can.
  • Get up early and get your workout done! Tough I know, but typically at the end of your busy day you’re not in the mood to exercise. Set your alarm clock 30 minutes before you normally would and get it done! It will set your body and brain up for the rest of the day.
  • Stick to a plan. Generally you know how your day is going to pan out so go to bed knowing how you’ll be working out the next day. Whether it’s a 30 minute walk to the coffee shop, 5 minutes of skipping or a Holy Legulation workout, know what you’re doing before your head hits the pillow and stick to the plan!

Sam’s nutritional tips for business travel:

  • Jet lag messes with our entire system. So you end up craving a doughnut at 11 pm and a burger at 8 am…be aware of it and listen to your conscience not your taste buds.
  • Add extra “greens” to your diet. A green juice is such an easy way to get it in. I also travel with nutritional greens from my local health shop. It really makes a difference to my acidity, so I don’t get stiff muscles or cracking joints.
  • Hydration we all know is important too so keep a water bottle handy and sip regularly.
  • Be prepared and take your own snacks. Buy some good quality bars, nuts and dried fruit (all organic of course), dried crispy seaweed is a fab one for a salty craving.
  • Moderate your cocktails and stick to clean ones. Go for a cocktail with healthier mixers instead of a heavy creamed or sugary choice. Get one with fresh mint and lime, or sparkling elderflower instead.
  • Vitamin B is as good as a cup of coffee. Stash some vitamin B complex in your carry on too so you can keep your energy levels up without fatiguing your body with caffeine and sugar.

Which celebrities are you working with right now?

I just finished on The Mummy in London, UK and I’m about to start on a new “project” which I’m super excited about but I can’t quite share it yet… this space!

Photography courtesy of Sam Eastwood