5-Minute Meditations to Do When You Travel

Doing 5-minute meditations using a meditation app will relieve stress and combat jet lag

More people than ever before are practicing mindful meditation to help combat stress and improve their overall health and well being.

In fact, the positive effects of doing this increasingly popular mind-calming practice are numerous.

Meditation is said to:

  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Balance the personality
  • Improve health and well being
  • Help us understand ourselves better/ improve self awareness
  • Promote better sleep
  • Reduce anxiety, stress and tension
  • Improve breathing and posture

Over the past decade studies and trials carried out in the United States have consistently revealed how mindful meditation is positively affecting our lives.

In 2013, a report by the American Heart Association showed that meditation can be useful in reducing blood pressure.

Research by the American Medical Association in 2015 revealed that mindfulness meditation had a positive effect on the quality of sleep in older adults who suffered from moderate sleep problems.

Harvard Medical School research has shown that meditating can alter the concentration of grey matter in areas of the brain involved in memory and learning, balancing emotions, the sense of self and having perspective.

And, a study by led by the University of California revealed that during and after meditation training, lower levels of the stress hormone, Cortisol were recorded.

As our lives become faster-paced and we feel the need to multi-task as we move around, the advent of mobile has certainly helped us keep up and stay connected.

But, finding enough time to sit quietly and comfortably, or somewhere peaceful to meditate, clear our minds of chatter and decompress during the day, may have become more difficult.

The Simple Habit meditation app for 5 minute meditations

Simple Habit is a new online 5-minute meditation platform available on iOS, Android and desktop app which speak to the modern professional who wants to meditate but has limited time on their hands.

With almost half a million users worldwide, Simple Habit is a meditation app that specializes in 5-minute meditations and supplies 1000+ meditations to its users.

These are guided by some of the world’s best mindfulness teachers who are sourced from top training programs like ‘Google’s Search Inside Yourself.’

And whilst this meditation app makes meditation accessible for busy professionals for the very first time, it also offers meditation teachers an opportunity to monetize from their content.

Simple Habit desktop view

After downloading the meditation app or using the desktop platform, Simple Habit customers can type a keyword into the ‘Meditate’ tab – such as anxiety, work, sleep- and then select the amount of time they want to meditate for – 5 min, 10 min, over 10 min.

They can then find 5-minute meditations to suit their exact situation. They’re also able to request meditations on this meditation app that they’d like to see on the platform so that teachers can research and record them accordingly.

There are meditations available to suit any given situation such as commuting to work, traveling on a plane or even preparing for a lunch date.  Customers can tackle symptoms like stress, depression, insomnia and more.

Simple Habit meditations are available to suit any situation

Simple Habit was created by the San Francisco-based entrepreneur, Yunha Kim who started meditating to manage the stress she was experiencing during her early entrepreneurial years as the founder of another startup.

As Yunha began meditating she struggled to find top mindfulness and meditation teachers. She also felt there was a lack of meditation techniques designed for busy lifestyles like hers.

Simple Habit Founder, Yunha Kim

Yunha explains, ‘I was inspired to create a meditation app specifically for busy people like me to reduce stress.

‘Most of our meditations on our meditation app are just 5 minutes, which makes it easy to squeeze into a busy schedule.

‘It’s a very mobile approach, with 5-minute meditations for specific moments in one’s day, like before a meeting or commuting.’

Busy professionals who want to lead balanced and happy lives can now meditate on-the-go by choosing meditations on this meditation app tailored to what they’re doing and how they might be feeling at any given moment during their day.

Most Simple Habit meditations are for 5 minutes

‘Stress is a modern epidemic.’ adds Yunha

‘There are studies showing that a huge portion of health care costs are caused by stress-related issues.

‘There’s a huge opportunity to solve meaningful problems and build a thriving business in this space.’

The product’s fairly new ‘on-the-go’ feature also allows people to slot in their 5 minutes of mindfulness or 5-minute meditation in their high-paced, high-stress work environment.

Simple Habit meditations cover specific moments in a users day and how they are feeling

Yunha explains, ‘Mobile apps have the power to make meditation a truly mobile and accessible practice for the modern-day professional.

‘Many of our users squeeze in a 5-minute meditation on their commutes and travels, breaking the traditional notion of meditation as something you have to do every morning for a long period of time.

‘Simple Habit creates the idea of meditation being something you can weave into your day, no matter where you are.

‘We’re working on expanding our content library to create a world where meditation is part of your daily routine – just like what Nike did with running.’

Simple Habit meditations designed for women

Simple Habit 5-minute meditations recommended for the business traveler by Yunha:

Prepare for travel
Relaxing on vacation
Waiting at the airport
After vacation
Just landed

Photography courtesy of Simple Habit and Yunha Kim